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Heidi Klum
Diane Kruger

... to name a few

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Q: Who are German speaking celebrities?
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How many famous German speaking celebrities can you name?

Claudia SchifferArnold SchwarzeneggerHeidi KlumHerman MaierMichael SchuhmacherMarlene DietrichAlbert EinsteinHeinrich HarrerLeonardo DiCaprioWolfgang Puck

Who are some German celebrities?

Hermantosh or bing

If your speaking french are you speaking German?

French and German are two different languages so no.

When was German-speaking Community of Belgium created?

German-speaking Community of Belgium was created in 1984.

What celebrities are of German and Irish descent ONLY?

Irish ; Gerard Butler. German ; I dont know.

Are Scooter German?

Yes or at least are German speaking

How do you sing in German?

You sing while speaking German.

What are facts about liechtenstein?

it is the smallest German speaking country. it is completely land locked. only German speaking country that doesn't share a border with Germany.

What are all of the German speaking countries?

Germany, Austria ,Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg are the main German speaking countries.

What are the top 5 German speaking countries?

The main German-speaking countries are:GermanyAustriaSwitzerland (about two-thirds of the country)LiechtensteinLuxembourg

Is Poland a German speaking country?

No in Poland is a Polish speaking country

What is the German name for German-speaking Switzerland?

Deutsch-sprachige Schweiz.