Steve Irwin

Who are Steve Irwin's friends?

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What was Steve Irwins area of study?

Steve Irwin studied animals.

Steve irwins nickname?

The Crocodile hunter was Steve Irwin's nickname

What is Steve irwins knowledge?

Steve was good at marketing himself and his family as products.

Changed Steve irwins life?

by his daughter bindy

What are the names of Steve irwins children?

The names of Steve Irwin's children are, Bibby and Bob.

What was Steve irwins hobbies and interest?

wildlife,sport and travelling

How did Steve irwins mom die?

she was in a car accident

What are the names of Steve irwins 2 children?

Steve Irwins 2 Children are called Bindi and Robert Irwin.

What is Steve Irwins middle name?

Timmithy just kidding it is Lee.

What are Steve irwins sisters names?

his sister's name's were Mandy and Joy.

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