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Who are currently the allies and enemies of China?

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China's allies:

Russia (Nuclear and world Power)

SCO (Strategically in Central Asia)

Burma (strategic Asian ally)

Venezuela (Latin American strategic ally)

Zimbabwe (Strategic African ally)

Pakistan (Major partner and Nuclear power)

Iran (Middle eastern ally and regional power)

Cuba (Latin American strategic ally)

North Korea (Traditional cold war ally with nuclear weapons)

Sudan (Strategic African ally)

Syria (Strategic middle eastern ally)

Serbia (Possible future ally now that America has pissed them off with Kosovo)

India (Nuclear power, large trade power, holds the smartest and most genius race)

China friendly: Angola, Algeria, Bangladesh, Brunei, Bolivia, Chile, Cambodia, Cuba, Egypt, Fiji, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Iran, Jordan, Kazakstan, Laos, Liberia, Mauritius, Nepal, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Myanmar, Senegal, Serbia, Sierre Leone, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tanzania, Tonga, Uganda, Singapore, Venezuela, Zambia, most Arab, and African countries.

Not friendly and possibly rivals, though they trade with China: Italy, Iceland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Paraguay, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Canada, US, Britain, Australia, South Korea, Japan.

More information: China currently addresses United States as their greatest ally and their greatest enemy. They depend on each other far too much to ever break into war; however, because both have individual views as well as equal amount of power, it is possible that one day a war might break out after all. If this day were to ever happen (the percentage is closer to 0 then it is to 1%), it would be a nuclear war.

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