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A lot of people are iPad users I'm sending this from an iPad right now
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What is a user?

someone how uses a device or any services device can be computer,cell phone ... A service can be A website Email provider ........

What is the iPad?

The iPad (before its release, many referred to it as the Apple Tablet) is Apple's latest device and was officially announced January 27, 2010. The wifi-enabled version was released on April 3, 2010. It is a touchscreen gadget, compared to a "huge iPod touch", that is used for ebook reading and we ( Full Answer )

Who is a user?

A user is a the person who uses the computer and will have a user account there are 2 types of user account Local User And domain user a local user is an account created on the computer where as a domain user is created on a Domain controller ( Server Machine) that user account can then log on ( Full Answer )

What is the iPad and how do you use the iPad?

A tablet computer from Apple. Rumored for years, it was announced in January 2010 for April delivery. The iPad is essentially a larger version of the iPod touch (an iPhone without phone and camera). Weighing 1.5 pounds and featuring a 10" multitouch LCD screen, it was designed for Web browsing, e-bo ( Full Answer )

What can the iPad do?

The apple iPad is a mobile multi-touch screen computer released by apple in March 2010. It: -Runs the iWorks software. -Has an amazing interface for browsing through your photos. -Has a 9.7 inch LED Backlit IPS multi-touch display -Supports Wi-fi. (And if you pay £100/$100 more then yo ( Full Answer )

What is an iPad and what is the use of an iPad?

IPAD is a new mix of the iPhone to Apple, Apple iTouch, and a fullnotebook / laptop. Using the touch screen you can use the Internetfor research applications, listen to music, movies and games thisnew Apple iPad. Here are top 10 uses for iPad , you will find that it reallymakes your life colorful! ( Full Answer )

What can you do with a iPad?

Ipad is like a computer. Except some things,we can do everything by an ipad like a computer. We can easily takeipad from one place to another easily. For establishments likebanks, restaurants, airlines and hotels, security of the device isa prime consideration. We can easily place an ipad with an ip ( Full Answer )

When can you get an iPad?

You will find them at most retail stores that sells computers like Best buy, in online stores like Amazon, in Apple stores or at AT&T-stores or Verizon stores

When is the iPad out?

Out April 3rd in The U.S and late April in the UK iPad released on Jan. 27 2010. iPad 3G released on April 3 2010. iPad 2 released on Mar. 3.

What can you do on a iPad?

You can go on the Internet, listen to music, watch movies, use apps and more. It is like a big touch!

How do you get iPad?

You can either go on-line at the apple store and have it shipped to you're house, or go to the actual apple store and buy it.

What is iPad?

The Apple iPad , a new tablet device with a revolutionary, multi-touch, swiping gestures, orientation detection and amazing new apps. It aims to provide the best way to experience the web, email, photos and videos, and bring the best of the iPhone and laptop to a slim, attrative device.

Where to get an iPad?

You can buy an iP ad from The Apple store and Bestbuy. I wouldn't get an iPad yet because two things, 1. They don't have 3G Edge yet. (You'll have to wait until 3G iPad comes out.) :( 2. I heard rumors that its so big and the metal on the backside of the iPad, makes it hard to connect to Wi ( Full Answer )

Why is there an 'i' in 'iPad'?

Apple originally adopted the "i" for their product names, starting with the iMac in 1998, to indicate that they were Internet friendly at a time when it could be difficult for inexperienced users to set up an Internet connection. This naming convention has continued with other products such as iPods ( Full Answer )

Can iPad make apps on iPad?

Currently the iPhone SDK only runs on a Macintosh computer. Apple has no plans on releasing this on any other platform including the iPad. Yes, so the simple answer is you can't make apps on the iPad. You could get many iPad apps from the internet.

What can you do with the iPad?

An iPad aims to provide the best way toexperience the web, email, photos and videos. It is an attractivedevice for use. We can use it for office work and personal usealso. Now many types of iPad stands are available to use iPads fordifferent purposes. Recently I bought an iPad stand from ShopguardSy ( Full Answer )

Where do you get iPads from?

You can buy iPads from Apple stores or from their website. Other retailers also sell the iPad such as Best Buy and Walmart. You can also buy used iPads from eBay and amazon.

What does the iPad do?

It does pretty much the same as the ipod touch but it has certain advantages to it. . The screen is bigger so it's easier to read things . It has better touch settings so there's no false parts . It's HD and the sound is apparently 10 times better than other apple products.

What a iPad can do?

An iPad is without an amazing piece of hardware. You can play games from the AppStore, listen to music, watch movies, stream videos from sites, surf the web, word-processing. I literally replaced my laptop with one of these babies. It's lighter, portable and much faster!

How do you attach the iPad stylus to the iPad?

There is no official stylus for the iPad as it is intended to be used with one's fingers. Because there is no official stylus, the iPad itself does not have a place to store or attach a stylus. It is possible to purchase a stylus that will work with the iPad's capacitive touch screen, such as the Po ( Full Answer )

Is Apple iPad the only iPad?

The iPad has been replaced by the iPad 2, which has been replaced with the 'new iPad'. Refurbished iPad 2s are available in the Apple Refurbished Department. You can donate your iPad to Teach For America at any Apple Retail Store. You can also get tablet computers which are like the ipad (for ( Full Answer )

Can you send photos from iPad to iPad?

See, First I will simply concludes function oftunesgo retro: transfer file between iOS devices and PC/Mac,between IOS devices, between IOS devices and iTunes (filesincludes: music, photos, playlists, movies, TV shows, music videos,podcasts, iTunes U and audio books,contacts,emails,messages etc)And t ( Full Answer )

Can you trade your iPad for a iPad 2?

No because the iPad 2 is to highly advanced with the two cameras and Intel core duo 5. But you can get the software update IOS 4.3 on you Ipad. It should be up as a download on itunes for free in a few days from March 10 2011. Umm no actually you can they will give you money for the trade and then y ( Full Answer )

Can you trade in your iPad for a iPad 2?

Sadly, you can't. I have an iPad my self and I want the 2nd generation but the prices of the iPad 1 and iPad 2 are the same so you could sell it for the same price you bought it at then buy the 2nd one for almost free only you have to pay tax.

Can you transfer from iPad to iPad?

See first, I will simply concludes function oftunesgo retro: transfer file between iOS devices and PC/Mac,between IOS devices, between IOS devices and iTunes (filesincludes: music, photos, playlists, movies, TV shows, music videos,podcasts, iTunes U and audio books,contacts,emails,messages etc)And t ( Full Answer )

Which is better the iPad or the iPad 2?

You cant actually tell because there really is no difference apart from the camera on the iPad 2. The iPad also has HD and some people think that a 10 hour battery on the iPad 2 is awesome, but in actual fact, if you think about it, the more you use it, the more the battery usage is going to get low ( Full Answer )

What is an iPad about?

The iPad is like a thin notebook computer withour all theprogramming abilitiy, that lets you do many things, includingwathching movies, playing music, and downloading apps. For moreinfo to give you a full description of the iPad log on to Applesite.

How can you FaceTime iPad to iPad?

You must go to your settings and turn on Facetime on, sign in withyour Apple ID, and register. If you have an iPhone, you can enteryour wireless number, so people contacting you on that number viaFacetime can reach you through your iPad. If not, set up an iCloudaccount and use that as your Facetime ( Full Answer )

Why do they call the iPad iPad?

because of the company apple all there pruducts are i so there is an iphone ipod and ipad 1 and 2 there all ways updating it . quite alot of money . but good products hope that helps

What iPad can not do?

One thing I know I personally hate about not being able to do on an iPad is watch movies. There are many websites you can visit on a computer or laptop to watch free movies online, but iPads will not let you because you need a certain software iPads can not have.

What can an iPad do for you?

Ipads are easy to use, very modern and usefully portable. Theyprovide entertainment, can help with your career, educates studentsand young children and in general is a great device to have whetheryour a successful businessman/woman or part of large family withlots of children. You can download apps ( Full Answer )

Which iPad is better iPad 2 or iPad 3rd?

About resolution, 3 rd generation. About stuff, A tie would happen since they both have 2 cameras, a touch screen, same size. DO NOT judge it for its generation!

Why is iPad called iPad?

because it is from apple and it is the the size of a pad; so , ipad

What is userization?

Userization is an economic model based on joint ownership. For the first time, this model has been proposed by Dr Andrej Poleev in his manuscript of the same title. Reference: A. Poleev. Userization. Enzymes, 2012.

Is the iPad 2 the new iPad?

No, it is not. If you were to assign the New iPad a number, it would the the iPad 3.

How can get an iPad?

You can go to the apple store and tell one of the works that you are interested in the iPad and you would like to get one. Before you say yes I want to buy it, you might want to ask some questions about it. Once you say that you want to get the iPad, the work will ask you: What color do you want?, H ( Full Answer )

Is iPad 2 an iPad?

No. Apple's iPad is not a 'You Pad'. A You Pad is apparently a Chinese knock-off tablet.

What is better iPad mini or iPad?

That depends. If you can live with the smaller size of the iPad mini you might be happier with that one. Personally I would still like the bigger size of the iPad.

Is the iPad 4 the iPad mini?

No, both are different, although the mini is an iPad it is a different version of the iPad range.

Is the iPad 4 the same as the iPad 3 or the iPad mini?

No, the iPad 4 (or fourth generation iPad, as Apple would prefer you call it) has a number of improvements from the iPad 3 (or third generation iPad) - it's twice as fast in some areas, has an HD front facing camera as opposed to a lower resolution VGA camera and has support for more LTE networks in ( Full Answer )

Is a user or an user?

Proper grammar is to include a N prior to a word starting with avowel sound. 'User' has a hard U that sounds like a Y, andtherefore is a user . Conversely, 'hour' has a silent H and would correctly be 'an hour'. Even when you say it, it might sound correct like if you say anuser you already hear an ( Full Answer )

Is the iPad or iPad mini better?

iPads, as of July 03, 2013 , come in three versions, with prices of USD$ 329, 399, 499, with the Mini topping out at $659 with cellular and 64 GB of RAM, and the iPad Retina at $929 with cellular and 128 GB of RAM. The Mini has a 7.9 inch diagonal screen at 163 pixels per inch, and the Retina has ( Full Answer )

Which is better the iPad or the iPad mini?

When trying to decide which is better, the iPad or the iPad Mini,it is important to consider factors such as screen size, cost andportability. The iPad has a bigger screen than the iPad Mini, isslightly more expensive and while it is portable, cannot fit inyour pocket as can the iPad Mini. Decide wh ( Full Answer )

Is there an iPad?

They had plenty of technologies during the American Revolution,many thousands of them infact. But the most advanced were thingslike: the pipe organ, the mechanical marine chronometer, largewooden ships with sails, single shot muzzle loaded rifles andmuskets (the breach loading rifle had just been in ( Full Answer )