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The Natural Enemies of a monkey depends on where they live and what species are they.But for the most part, the monkeys endemies are Birds of Prey or any big cat, but for baboons, they can kill young cheetahs.

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What are capuchin monkeys natural enemies?

what are capuchin monkeys natural enimies

What is a dogs natural enemies?

Anything that can eat it: monkeys, wolves, etc.

What is the monkeys enemies?

The monkeys enemies is other monkeys, but other monkeys with the sharp sticks. The dangerousest enemies the monkeys has is climbing sharks. Climbing sharks is the dangerousest monkeys enemies in the universe. Words.

What are the natural enemies of the uakari monkey?

Humans are the main natural enemies of Uakari monkeys. Hunting and habitat destruction are some of the main causes of the decline in this monkey species.

Natural enemies of monkeys?

Monkeys have several predators depending on the size of the monkey. Eagles and hawks will prey on some of the small monkeys. Large cats and hyenas will prey on the larger monkeys.

Does the monkey have any natural enemies?

Us,eagles,other monkeys,infections,jaguars,etc.

What are baby monkeys Natural enemies?

Tigers and lions and elephants, lizards, snakes, Frogs, other monkeys trying to kill them for food such as bananas and pears.

What are fruit bat enemies?

it's enemies are monkeys

What are the enemies of monkeys?

monkeys have many kind of enemies example = wild cats , tigers , reptiles etc.

Do monkeys have enemies?


What are finger monkeys enemies?

finger monkeys have a lot of enemies they try to stay away from large cats and birds of prey.

What enemies do monkeys have?

Squirrel Monkeys, boa constrictors, tigers, jaguars.

What kind of animals do monkeys hate?

"Hate" is an awfully strong word. And there are many types of monkeys in the world. Some have few natural enemies, some have many. For example, in the New World, monkeys are the natural prey of some large cats like panthers, jaguars and such. So you could say that monkeys hate animals that are stalking them for dinner.

What are black bears natural enemies?

what are natural enemies

What are a spider monkeys enemies?

A Spider-Monkeys enemies include Jaguars, Pumas, Ocelots, and some large snakes such as the well known Anaconda.

Do Howler monkeys have enemies?

Howler monkeys do have enemies including lions and tigers. Nearly every animal in the world has an enemy of some sort.

What is a spider monkeys enemies?

Harpy Eagles.

What are some enemies of monkeys?

Harpy Eagle

How do monkeys protect from themselves from enemies?

They get into large groups and for protects then they look into the enemies eyes and there enemies run away

What are Leopard seal natural enemies?

The natural enemies are The Orcas and sharks.

What is the Barreleye fish natural enemies?

What is the Barreleye fish natural enemies?

What is a mongoose natural enemies?

well, mongoose's natural enemies are the snakes

What is the duration of Natural Enemies?

The duration of Natural Enemies is 1.67 hours.

What are the hornets enemies?

Cornets enemy is monkeys blood

What are the natural enemies of the coral?

the natural enemies of coral are global rising and more

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