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humans are powerful because they can kill a lion by a gun but still lions are dangerous

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how are lions helpful / harmful to humans? how are lions helpful / harmful to humans?

Hyenas are killed by lions more than lions killed by hyenas because lions are more powerful than hyenas, lions are bigger than hyenas and have more control over hyenas. but it is said that hyeans killed lions too.

Lions are bolder than tigers, but tigers, being lone hunters, have to be more cautious. Tigers are more powerful than lions on average, however.

roughly 100,000 times more powerful

Lions are located in the African savanna where there are few people, so their contract with humans is very little. Tigers in India do more damage to humans than a lion.

Absolutely. Hippos kill more humans than any other animal, even lions, in Africa.

No... lions got more powerful teeth than tigers.. as lion always more powerful than tiger

yeah humans can make guns and kill lions from a distance

Yes, lions and humans have a similar respiratory structure.

Humans and other lions hunt lions.

Although the third largest and most powerful cat, jaguars rarely attack humans, so, no they are much less dangerous than their larger cousins.

Predators of adult cheetahs are hyenas and lions, their principle predators are humans. For cheetah cubs, their predators are hyenas, lions, birds of prey such as large eagles, jackals and more. Their principle predators are humans. Humans, I don't think they have any other enemies. Adult cheetah's predators are hyenas and lions, their principle predator are humans. Cheetah cub's predators are hyenas, lions, birds of prey such as large eagles, jackals and more. Their principle predator are humans.

actually ...... it is more like what can be done to keep lions safe from humans. But to answer the question........ STAY AWAY

lions. humans eat lions, and humans are mammals.

Except humans and male lions, there are no major predators for the lions

Lions are very powerful big cats, and sometimes look at humans as food. The strongest man alive would have no chance against a lion, or any other big cat as far as that goes. Lions have sharp powerful claws, and nearly three and a half inch killing canines, and are unpredictable animals at best.

plz get me the answer for this question?

they hate humans for the simple fact that there meat eat eatter and humans are meat

Maybe because lions kill human at times and the humans are wanting to protect there lifes.

no more like fish and other types of plants

lions are very strong but humans kill lions

Lions don't talk. They roar. >.> <.<