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brock lesner baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when I use triple h im like 100x better,but its prolly just caus hes my favoright

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Q: Who are other good superstars to play with in wwe here comes the pain other than goldberg Triple H?
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What other formal superstars are returning to WWE?


How many times has goldberg won the world heavy weight title?

Bill Goldberg has won the World Heavyweight Title twice.His first title reign came on July 6th 1998 in WCW when he defeated Hollywood Hulk Hogan for the belt in Atlanta, Georgia. He would hold the title until December 27th 1998 when Kevin Nash beat him with the help of Scott Hall and a cattle-prod in Washington D.C.His second title reign came on September 21st 2003 in the WWE when he defeated Triple H for the belt in Hershey Pennsylvania. He held the title until December 14th 2003 when Triple H regained the belt in a Triple Threat match with Kane in Orlando Florida.In WCW Kevin Nash killed off most of Goldberg's heat when he beat him with a cattle-prod and in the WWE Triple H killed off Goldberg heat when he beat him during the Summerslam Elimination Chamber when he hit Goldberg with a sledgehammer. In both cases Goldberg's heat was cooled because of the other man's egos - meaning that Nash couldn't stand to let Goldberg continue to be on the top and Triple H was scared that Goldberg would steal his top spot so had to beat him first.

What do WWE superstars do at shows when there not wrestling?

When WWE superstars are not wrestling, they are booking in hotels, and making arrangments for other shows.

How goldberg lost to Kevin Nash?

Kevin Nash beat goldberg with the help of a Taser and other members of his nWo

Raw superstars and smackdown superstars in Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

Yes Just like in the other SvR games.

Who makes finishing moves for WWE superstars?

Lots of times the superstars make up there own finishers. Other times, story writers will look at the personality of the wrestler and make on for them. The other case is that the superstars work with a trainer or coach who can help theme

Does Triple H still wrestle in 2011?

Yes. He wrestled at Wrestlemania against the Undertaker. He does not wrestle as often as the other superstars but is not yet retired. so, he may come back in future to an active wrestler role

How do you get superstars from other WWE games into wwe12?

You can't import any Superstars to WWE12. If you want any Superstars from any previous games in the WWE series, you would have to design them on the WWE12 CAW feature, otherwise you can not convert, transfer or import any other superstars into the game. However you can download other users CAW's from PSN or XBOX Live and you can also download some previous or legendary Superstars from the DLC pack which WWE have supplied.

Did any other WWE superstars die?

umaga by an hardtack

How many starpoinst do you get for dressing dolls on stardoll?

It depends on what doll it is really, Superstars get more sometimes and other times less than non-superstars

Where is goldberg after WrestleMania 20?

I'm not sure where he is, but I read somewhere, that Vince didn't want to keep him, because of his lack of safety. Everyone knows pro wrestling is "fake" but they can get hurt, if they are careless, in they're actions. Goldberg didn't care about his a opponent's safety and legitimately, hurt a few guys, before Vince said "No more!" He's a very impressive guy, but Vince does care about his superstars and tries to keep them as safe as he can. The superstars are tought the cool moves, we see in every match, but they are also tought to work together, to make a great match that both sides can walk away relatively unskived. Accidents do happen and superstars do get hurt, but they don't go to the ring saying, to each other, " Oh, just to let you know,I'm going to beat you until your sidelined." "Ok, I havn't been in enough pain lately so make sure to hurt me the best way you can!" They want to put on a great show, but no matter if there "face" or "heel" they do care about the safety of each other. (Goldberg basicially did say: "Get ready to call you insurance comapny, your going to the hospital tonight!") Watch matches real close and you can see them talking to each other through out the match, so they know what each other is planing. Goldberg threw people around and didn't care what would happen to them.

In wwf smackdown just bring it for ps2 can you unlock other attiers for the wwf superstars?

No; alternate attires for superstars were released in Smackdown! vs. Raw 2006.

When does WWE superstars come out?

WWE Superstars comes out every Thursday on, however, as far as I know, in the United States WWE Superstars does not air on TV, only on However if you are in England, WWE Superstars airs on SKY ONE and SKY ONE HD on Saturday at 9am and repeats on Sunday at 10am and also on SKY SPORTS 3 and SKY SPORTS 3 HD on Saturday at 9pm. Sorry, I can not help you if you come from any other country, but you can check the TV schedule on where it will tell you.

Is Jake goldberg gay?

No. Defenetly not, he has a Girlfriend, they love each other.

Does hhh take steroids?

The WWE has what they refer to as the wellness policy which was put in place after the death of Chris Benoit. The wellness policy bans steroids and other drugs among other things. Superstars undergo drug tests 2 to 4 times a year so triple h can't be on steroids

What is the WWE superstars theme song?

The theme song to WWE Superstars is " Invincible " by Adelitas Way.Triple H has the best theme songs. He has three "The Game, The King of Kings and Evolution." All three songs were performed by Motorhead. Other than that The Undertaker's theme song is pretty cool.Actually It is not called "Evolution" it was "Line in the Sand" by Moterhead

'What are the names of the WWE superstars who smoke cigarettes?

The only WWE superstar I know who smoke is R-Truth. I'm sure other WWE superstars smoke besides R-Truth.

Is triple h the best WWE superstar ever?

Triple H is arguably the best WWE superstar ever. He is a 8 time WWE champion and 5 time world heavy weight champion. In addition he has won both king of the ring and royal rumble. Few other superstars like Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin etc can be compared to triple H. their fans claim them to be the best ever.

Can you use the finisher crossface?

You can, but I wouldn't it could set off some of the other superstars.

Why is Chris Jericho is an ego man?

Jericho has disrespect for legends and other wwe superstars

Why doesn't the Great Kahli wrestle as much as other superstars?

Because he was injured and had a break

Which WWE superstars and divas are dating in 2012?

currently none are dating each other

What is whoopi goldberg know for?

Whoopi Goldberg is known for her acting career,such as~The sister Act,The color Purple,Ghost and many other great films.I hope this helps your question be answered!

What is the molecular shape of C2H2?

linear with the carbons triple bonding with each other linear with the carbons triple bonding with each other

Who invented the WWE move known as the spear?

goldberg Goldberg used a variation of the spear that was used by several other wrestlers. The Superstar to bring it into mainstream was Rhyno in the original ECW.