Who are some actualized people?

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Who are some self actualized people?

anyone who can be strongly influential while remaining humble

What is malasakit?

Malasakit is propelled from our innermost being. It has to be actualized in our pakikipagkapwa.

Being self-actualized is characterized by?

good work behavior

How was Martin Luther King self-actualized?

Martin Luther King was self-actualized as the founder of Lutheranism. He started the reformation. Self- actualization is a term that has been used in various psychological theories. It means to realize all of one's potential. In Abraham Maslow's hierachy of needs theory, self actualization is the final level of psychological development achievement.

What is a self-actualized reward?

You do something, then benefit from it, i.e.: get a job and work, get paid.

What are all the areas of health?

People need physical health, emotional health, social health, and spiritual health.

What is self-actualization need?

Self-actualization need refers to the desire for self-fulfillment, it refers to that tendency for someone to be actualized in what he has potential. Self-actualization is very important as it helps people live their dream.

Example of cognitive perspective?

Proposed that an individual strives to become self-actualized, a process important in the development of a mature personality.

What do you mean by computing concept?

"Computing concept" is a term that means an idea or principle that has been actualized by a computer or the software that runs on it.

Is self-actualized computer a computer?

Self-Actualizing Computer / Machines are developed by Human Beings to Perform some tasks intelligently but still are machines and According to anew computer Definition, yes, It is a Computer

Having a strong belief in oneself?

A strong belief in oneself is sometimes referred to as confidence. Someone who has confidence can also be said to be actualized.

Self actualized person?

If you are asking for the meaning, it's a person who's potential was realized with out the help, motivation, resources or support of anyone else. A self actualized person has become all that they had ever wished for, without the help or money of parents, government, friends or spouse. They are independent, intelligent and self reliant doing everything that they are capable and willing to do.

Why are some people small and some people are bigger?

What does intellectual mean in health and social care?

Intellectual needs implies the need for human beings to be self-actualized and stimulated by their environment. Such stimulation can be education, a social system, employment, challenge and exploration. People in isolation quickly lose mental capacity due to the lack of intellectual stimulation.Hope it helps! :)

Why do some people have autism and some don't?

Some people are Autistic and some people are Neurotypical...for the same reasons some people have blue eyes and some people have brown eyes, some are born as Asian people and some are born as caucasian people. It's all due to genetics, variations in humankind.

What are the characteristics of a self-actualized person?

Accepting and realisticIndependent/self-sufficientAppreciating lifeCaring/Concerned about mankindLoving othersRighteous, unprejudicedCreative and diligentNot afraid to be different

Do some people not wrap presents from Santa?

Some people do, some people don't.

Are people rich?

Some people are rich and some people are not rich, but doing ok, and some people are poor.

How does soccer affect people?

It excites some people, it bores some people and it leaves some people indifferent.

Do some people do weddings for famous people?

some people can' most people do if they are famous

Do people love dogs?

some people do and some people dont.

People believe in ghost?

some people do but some people dont

Do people hate rabbits?

Some people do and some people don't.

Why people hate trees?

Some people do and some people don't.

Why people horses?

Some people want to and some people like to do it.