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Who are some famous knights?

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1st Answer, on knights in fiction:
  • Kyng Arthur ( King Arthur )
  • Sir Galahallt ( Sir Galahad - the illegitimate son of Sir Lancelot)
  • Sir Launcelot Deulake ( Sir Lancelot du Lac - was taken in by the mystical Lady of the Lake who raised him - the greatest Knight of the Round Table who fell in love with Queen Guinevere )
  • Sir Gauen ( Sir Gawain - famed for fighting the Green Knight )
  • Sir Percyvale ( Sir Percivale - famed for fighting the Red Knight )
  • Sir Lyonell ( Sir Lionel - brother of Sir Bors and cousin to Sir Lancelot)
  • Sir Trystram Delyens ( Sir Tristram de Lyones - the son of King Meliodas & Queen Isabelle of Lyonesse - second greatest Knight of the Round Table )
  • Sir Garethe ( Sir Gareth - a young knight placed under the tutelage of Sir Kay)
  • Sir Bedwere ( Sir Bedivere - a giant of a Knight )
  • Sir Blubrys ( Sir Bleoberis - an arrogant Knight who later became a hermit )
  • Sir Brunor le Noir - Lacotemale Tayle ( La Cote Male Taile - arrived in Camelot wearing an ill-fitting coat which had belonged to his dead father, given the nickname by Sir Kay )
  • Sir Lucane ( Sir Lucan - a most loyal and trusted Knight )
  • Sir Plomyde ( Sir Palomides - a Saracen knight)
  • Sir Lamorak ( Sir Lamorak - the third greatest Knight of the Round Table )
  • Sir Bors De Ganys ( Sir Bors de Ganis - brother of Sir Lionel and cousin to Sir Lancelot )
  • Sir Safer ( Sir Safir - a Christian Knight of Saracen descent )
  • Sir Pelleus ( Sir Pelleas - of low birth but one of the bravest Knights )
  • Sir Kay ( Sir Kay - King Arthur's foster-brother )
  • Sir Ectorde Marys ( Sir Ector de Maris - a Ladies man! )
  • Sir Dagonet ( Sir Dagonet - King Arthur's jester )
  • Sir Degore ( Sir Tegyr - King Arthur's cup-bearer)
  • Sir Lybyus Dysconyus ( Sir Guinglain was Sir Gawain's eldest son also known as Le Bel Desconneu - the Fair Unknown )
  • Sir Alynore ( Sir Alymere - totally loyal to King Arthur )
  • Sir Mordrede ( Treacherous Sir Mordred - his real father was his own uncle, King Arthur)
2nd Answer, on knights in history:Part of the problem with historic knights was that if they were famous, they usually had other titles, and so they are not remembered primarily as knights. Another was that the fictional knights are the subjects of fiction people like to remember, but historic knights seem oddly less real. Nevertheless here are a few:
  • Roland, the character of the Song of Roland, who was real
  • Sir William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke
  • Sir William Douglas, who fought for Scottish independence
  • Sir William Wallace, also a Scottish patriot
  • King Richard I of England, who was knighted by King Louis VII of France
  • Sir Thomas Mallory, remembered for writing Le Morte d'Arthur.
  • Jean II Le Maingre, marshall of France during the Hundred Years' War
  • Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, Spanish knight remembered as El Cid
  • Hugues de Payens, a founder of the Knights Templar
  • Jacques de Molay, last Grand Master of the Knights Templar
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King Arthur was the most famous king of English legend. He had a band of knights that were referred to as the Knights of the Round Table and were his trusted Warriors.

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