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  1. The knight known simply as Bertran who was forced to join the Order in 1224 for 7 years as a punishment for having murdered a bishop.
  2. Gerard de Ridefort (Master of the Temple 1185 to 1189)
  3. Odo de Saint-Amand, Master in 1177 who with just 84 Templars defeated Saladin's bodyguard troops at Montsigard and forced Saladin himself to flee on a racing camel
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they were usually things the knights carried in to battle, usually having some sort of holy significance

The Knights of the Round Table and King Arthur. The Knights of the Temple

Most knights were allowed to marry, but there were some who were not, There were monastic orders of knights, such as the Knights Templar, and these orders often required their members to make monastic vows. Some of these did not allow marriage.

1st AnswerSince knights were nobles and got lands from the king they did live in manor houses. 2nd AnswerNot all knights had manor houses. If a knight belonged to a specific order, he might have been prevented from having a manor by the order itself. Some orders of knights required a vow of poverty, which is inconsistent with land ownership. This was true of both the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller.Knights who were the younger sons of noblemen were very likely not to have land come to them as inheritance. This meant that they would not have manors until they had been granted them.Also, some knights were mercenaries.

England is where most knights were. some were in china

Knights originally were mounted soldiers in service to a lord. They had superior equipment and armament, and were considered to be an elite fighting force. Knights were subservient to their lord, although some would eventually be elevated to a status of lesser nobility, allowing them to carry a family name, title and/or a piece of land. Knights also eventually formed orders, where they would communally swear felty to a lord, ideal or a religious aspect. Examples of these are the Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaler and Teutonic Knights. Each order would have its own regalia, code and hierarchy. The idea of 'chivalry', from which knights came, originated in northern Africa (St Maurice), according to some sources.

The Illuminati, Freemasons, Skull and Bones, The Knights Templar are just a few of past and present secret societies.

King Arthur was betrayed by some of the members of Knights of the Round Table. The two knights are Lancelot and Morded.

"Some knights did not sit at Arthur's Round Table."

The Assassins were brave fighters, but they feared the reputation of the Knights Templar. The Assassins gave much money to the Templars in return of safety. In the battle at Sakira, when 5000 Saracens were attacking 400 Assassins, the last ones got saved by 100 Knights Templar. Some legends even tell that Assassins and Templars were friends and the Assassins were Christian.

Godfrey de Bouillon, Prince Edward, and William Marshal.

The only name that comes to mind for me is Joan of Arc, but then she was a Saint......

Some facts on knights are that knights wear a scarf and a viel to impress the ladies. Another fact on knights is that the way they jousted is the oringanal shootout and it was the start of the rifle.if knights were good at combat, they would be rewarded with chicken dipped in cheese.Some knights wore nothing underneath their armor because they thought it would make them sweat less & it was easier to move aroundknights didnt want squires, they were forced to have them because their lords forced them too.

The knights of the round table were the knights that were given the highest order of chivalry. King Arthur and his knights were known as the Knights of the Round Table. Some of the knights included: Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sir Percival, Sir Anselm, Sir Kay, Sir Bors. The list is lengthy of those who were considered the Knights of the Round Table, and vary from tale to tale.

It looks just like the Knights of the Templar symbol. Some speculate that Columbus was carrying on a quest that the Templars were on, that they were there 100's of years before.

Yes, they often did and had families. Many knights were sons of lords and expected to produce an heir. Some knights took vows of chastity, but this was not common.

Some knights were called sirs as they were knighted by a king/Queen for different reasons.

Knights had lots of rules. They varied with the laws of the land, and they varied with cultural rules, and they varied according to whether the knights were members of orders or not, and if they were members of orders, they varied by order. Just to give an idea, the knights of the order we commonly call the knights Templar, were not allowed to have any money; they had to go to church regularly, meaning several times every day; they could not marry or have girlfriends; they had to obey any order given by their masters; and they had to sleep in their armor so they were always prepared for battle instantly. Pretty dreadful sounding, isn't it? On the other hand, some people became knights just because some king liked them, and they really did not have to do anything but obey the laws of the country and obey the king. Some knights, but by no means all, felt bound by the rules of chivalry. This could have meant they were bound by the rules of the virtues of knights, honor, and courtly love, which is kind of hard to explain, but meant a sort of passionate love, but without the passion. Yes, knights had rules, and some were rather weird rules. I have attached a couple links below.

some knights went to church, somtimes but we arnt sure as to how they became religious

A medieval knight in the middle ages or medieval times was William the conquerer

Some knights went on the crusades to bring back wealth. Some went as part of a quest, or as part or a religious pilgrimage.

Some people think that odd numbers are bad luck, but as far as I know, the number 13 is not generally thought of as unlucky. The only exception I know of is the superstition that revolves around Friday, the 13th. Several hundred years ago, there was a secret society of rich and powerful knights who were beloved and feared by all. They were called "The Knights Templar." It was on Friday, October 13th, 1307 that the Knights Templar were arrested and executed on mass on several criminal counts by the church. That day is still feared because of the dreadful events that took place so long ago. The deaths of the Knights Templar had a profound effect on European life and the course of western history. Numbers are interesting things to which many superstitions are attached. To read more about the number 13, visit this web page:(see link)

Many knights were given manors in exchange for their support of the king or overlord. Some knights worked for a living and were paid in money, and this was particularly true of knights who were currently engaged in a war or other military matter or who had lost their manors in one way or another.

Some knights were very rich, some were not so rich but well off, and some were relatively poor, serving in armies for pay and plunder.

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