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There are literally thousands of famous scientists who have all made very important contributions to the field of science.

All the winners of the Nobel Prize are, of course, extremely important scientists.

Here are a few examples:

  • Sigmund Freud (discovery of Integrated Trinity) - Germany, born in Czechoslovakia
  • Alfred Nobel (discovery of dynamite) - Sweden
  • Nikola Tesla (electricity field) - Slovenia
  • Albert Einstein (Theory of relativity) - Germany
  • Karl Jung (discovery of second personality of alcoholics = Alter/ego)
  • Gregor Mendel (discovery of genes)
  • Isaac Newton (Laws of Gravity)
  • William Perkin (chemist who invented the first synthetic dye, mauveine) - Britain
  • Herman Mark (The father of polymer chemistry) - Austrian Jew
  • Otto Bayer - German scientist who invented polyurethane. (He's not related to the Bayer family that started the chemical company he worked for.)
  • Otto Rohm and Otto Haas - German scientists who invented acrylate polymers. These are used for things like Plexiglas and the plastic layer of safety glass.
  • Leo Baekeland - Belgian scientist who invented two things: prepackaged photo paper; and phenolic plastic. The photo paper made him rich; the phenolic made him immortal.
  • Agapito Flores - Philippine inventor of the fluorescent lamp.
  • Fe Del Mundo - Philippine inventor of the incubator.
  • Eduardo San Juan - Philippine inventor of the lunar rover.

(For more information on the famous scientists of the world, see the list of Related Links, as well as the Related Questions.)

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Who is the famous scientists that contributed many to the field of science?

Thomas Edison

What are the things scientists do to contribute to their dedicated field of science?

Scientists do research, publishing, and teaching, to contribute to their field.

What is the field of science that isaac newton was famous for?

The field of science that Isaac Newton was famous for was in fact Physics.

Give 5 foreign scientists and their contributions to the field of biology?

give the answer 5 foreign scientists and their contribution

Who 25 scientist's contributions in the field of science and technology?


Why do scientists get into the science field?

A scientist got into the science field because he realized that science is the thing that floats his boat and rings his chime.

Is it gay to idolize a gay man?

No, gay people can be idolized for their contributions to society. For example, many computer scientists consider Alan Turing (the man who cracked the Nazis's Enigma code-machine in WWII) an idol for his contributions to the field of computer science.

What contributions did Alfred wegener make in the field to science?

he helped the cose of conteniental drift

Who are 5 foreign chemists and their contributions?

Look at the related question for a list of some famous chemists and their contributions to the field of chemistry.

Who are some famous Filipino scientists what are their contributions to the field of physical sciences?

Julian Banzon is a chemist who is researching alternative fuel production. Arturo Alcaraz studies volcanoes and the energy produced from volcanoes.

Scientists who use principles to develop new technology work in the field of?

Scientists who use principles to develop new technology work in the field of applied science.

Why was linnaeus famous?

He is famous for his classification and introduction of binomial nomenclature. He is called father of taxonomy for his contributions in this taxonomy field.

List down 5 filipino scientist and contributions in the field of science?

The following are 5 Filipino scientists and their contributions to the field of science. Pedro Escuro developed a high yielding rice. Carmen Valasquez discovered many species of digenetic trematodes. Jose Cruz made advances in electrical engineering. Teodula Topacio jr. did work on Leptospiral disease. Gregario Velasquez extensively studied blue-green algae.

What branch of science is an anthropologist in and what does it study?

Anthropologists are scientists in the field of anthropology which is the study of humanity.

In Antarctica where do the scientists live?

Depending on the nature of the science being explored, scientists work and live in a research station or in a field camp.

What contributions did James Harkin make to the field of environmental science?

He was responsible for establishing for establishing the National Park system.

Why do scientists specialize in a particular field of study?

Science is too broad of a topic to tackle as a whole.

What field of science studies the wave movements in the earth's crust?

Seismology is the field of science that studies the wave movements in the earth's crust. These scientists are most commonly associated with the study of earthquakes.

Which inventor made electrons?

Electrons exist, they are natural, not invented; Thomson was credited with the discovery of electrons but many scientists had contributions in this field.

What is the contribution of the Islamic civilization to science?

They contributed to algebra, astrology and to the field of medicine. Also, major contributions to astronomy and philosophy.

What do scientists believe?

They believe in many things relating to the field of science, which can include nature and the human body.

Who are the famous scientists that contributed to the field of classifications?

Charles Darwin came up with classifications for Evolution.

Why are more famous male scientists than female scientists?

Opinions:* boys rule * Its because science is sexist * In the past, science (math chemistry, etc.) was regarded as a male field of endeavor by males even though there were examples such as Marie Curie to disprove the stereotype. Even today teachers and guidance councellors often discourage girls from taking the Maths and Science stream of secondary schools subjects that would allow them to enter the science maths and engineering courses in university. To have famous examples you have to have agoodly number of female participants in these areas. Until now thy numbers have een low, but these numbers are increasing. Women have been scientists as long as men have been scientists. See for a list of famous women of science. There were times in human history that women were encouraged to study technical subjects.

Who are some famous foreign physicists and what are their contributions to the field of physics?

Stephen Hawking is a physicist from the United Kingdom. He is famous throughout the world for his research on black holes.

What is the name of the field of science?

which field of science?