Who are some famous scientists and what are their contributions to the field of science?

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There are literally thousands of famous scientists who have all

made very important contributions to the field of science.

All the winners of the Nobel Prize are, of course, extremely

important scientists.

Here are a few examples:

  • Sigmund Freud (discovery of Integrated Trinity) -

    Germany, born in Czechoslovakia

  • Alfred Nobel (discovery of dynamite) - Sweden
  • Nikola Tesla (electricity field) - Slovenia
  • Albert Einstein (Theory of relativity) - Germany
  • Karl Jung (discovery of second personality of alcoholics

    = Alter/ego)

  • Gregor Mendel (discovery of genes)
  • Isaac Newton (Laws of Gravity)
  • William Perkin (chemist who invented the first synthetic

    dye, mauveine) - Britain

  • Herman Mark (The father of polymer chemistry) - Austrian


  • Otto Bayer - German scientist who invented polyurethane.

    (He's not related to the Bayer family that started the chemical

    company he worked for.)

  • Otto Rohm and Otto Haas - German scientists who invented

    acrylate polymers. These are used for things like Plexiglas and the

    plastic layer of safety glass.

  • Leo Baekeland - Belgian scientist who invented two

    things: prepackaged photo paper; and phenolic plastic. The photo

    paper made him rich; the phenolic made him immortal.

  • Agapito Flores - Philippine inventor of the fluorescent


  • Fe Del Mundo - Philippine inventor of the


  • Eduardo San Juan - Philippine inventor of the lunar


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