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-Dr. Jack Stephens

-Dr. James Herriot

-Dr. Baxter Black

Dr. Jack Stephens is the founder of pet insurance in the US. He revolutionized the ability for pet owners to afford care for sick and injured pets-- with one goal in mind, to do away with "economic euthanasia." Dr. Stephens is currently the president and founder of Pets Best Insurance.

Also there was Dr.Law that founded one of the first veterinarian schools.

Dr. Kriyaan Singh of Trinidad, West Indies is the only practicing Veterinarian in the world that's in a wheelchair. He's 27 years old

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Are there any famous veterinarians on this website?

Probably not. Even if there were famous veterinarians active on the site, they may not want their real name to be attached to various answers on the site.

Any famous veterinarians in business?

James Alfred wright

Were there ever any famous veterinarians in history?

Yes, there have been many famous veterinarians throughout history. However, in many cases the reason they became famous was not linked to their training as a veterinarian, so the link gets lost in the story and the history. Also, many veterinarians become famous within the field of veterinary medicine, but their contributions to society are not well recognized outside the profession.

Will veterinarians work outside or inside?

Both - some veterinarians work in a clinic (inside) while other veterinarians have an ambulatory clinic and work on the farm (outside).

Who are 5 famous veterinarians?

Dr. James Herriot -- mixed animal veterinarian and author

Do veterinarians take care of wild animals?

As a profession, yes veterinarians will care for some wild animals. However, most individual veterinarians do not handle wild animals - this is reserved for veterinarians who are trained and specifically licensed to work with wild animals.

Who are famous black female veterinarians?

One of the most famous is Dr. Alfreda J Webb, who was the first African-American veterinarian.

Who is a famous equine vet?

Alex Harthill is considered to be one of the most famous equine veterinarians in the world. He was known for working with race horses.

What are some quotes veterinarians use?

Veterinarians tend to not use quotes, unless that is part of the clinic culture and environment they are trying to create.

Do veterinarians offer gift certificates?

Most veterinarians do not, although some small animal clinics may offer gift certificates.

How much do veterinarians get paid for overtime?

This will depend upon the contract the veterinarian negotiated with the clinic. Some veterinarians get time and a half, some get the emergency fee as a salary bonus, some get a commission bonus and some get nothing.

Where do equine veterinarians work?

Most equine veterinarians work on the farms, stables, tracks and show rings where horses are housed at. Some equine veterinarians work in a clinic where horses can be brought for specialized diagnostics and treatment.

Is veterinarians an adverb?

No, veterinarians is a plural noun.

What are some types of employment places offered to veterinarians?

Most veterinarians work as private practitioners in clinics, examining, diagnosing and treating animals. Some veterinarians work for the federal government enforcing humane handling, animal welfare, food safety, and drug withdraw times. Other veterinarians are commissioned officers in the military, where they can be involved in any and all of the above. There are veterinarians working for biomedical and pharmaceutical industries in research and development, and a number of veterinarians working in other places such as zoos and wildlife parks, non-governmental organizations, legislature and NASA.

What organizations use veterinarians?

Animal shelters, zoos and circuses are some of the types of organizations that use veterinarians. In addition to those, private citizens use them, too.

Can veterinarians advertise?

Yes, veterinarians can advertise their services.

What task do veterinarians do?

Veterinarians are like doctors to animals.

Do veterinarians have to put animals a sleep?

Veterinarians are not required to euthanize animals, but the vast majority will do so at some point. However, there is a wide range in the reasons why a veterinarian will euthanize an animal. There are some veterinarians that will only euthanize for medical reasons - incurable cancer, severe untreatable injury, fatal illness, etc. There are other veterinarians that will euthanize for non-medical reasons, such as inability of the owner to afford treatment. A few veterinarians will euthanize unwanted animals, such as older stray animals at shelters.

Can veterinarians work part time?

Yes, although part-time veterinarians are a small minority of all veterinarians.

Do veterinarians make more money than teachers?

For the most part, yes veterinarians earn a higher salary than teachers. However, tenured college professors may in some instances make more than newly graduated veterinarians.

Do doctors make more money than veterinarians?

Veterinarians are doctors; they are DVMs--Doctors of Veterinarian Medicine. While Veterinarians make on average less than other medical doctors, some can and do make much more than the average MD.

What benefits do veterinarians earn?

This varies between each veterinary clinic and the individual veterinarians. However, partial or full health insurance, some retirement benefit, some paid days off and some support for maintaining licensure are typical.

What days are veterinarians required to work?

This is set by the clinic the veterinarian works at. Most veterinarians work Monday through Friday plus some Saturdays or Sundays and holidays.

Do veterinarians hate breeders?

The relationship between veterinarians and breeders is complicated. A competent veterinarian and a reputable breeder are likely to get along just fine. However, there are some breeders who are more concerned with producing as many offspring as possible rather than focusing on the health of the babies, and many veterinarians have a moral and ethical problem with this. A fairer estimation would be that some veterinarians have specific disreputable breeders that they will not provide veterinary services for.

Are there any other places veterinarians work?

Most veterinarians work in private practice clinics around the world, treating privately owned animals. However, some work in zoos and wildlife parks, others work in the pharmaceutical industry, there are veterinarians in the military and some that work in the government. In many cases, when a veterinarian is not in private practice, their job title does not include "veterinarian", so it can be hard to figure out where the veterinarians are and what they are doing.