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What contributions have the Seneca tribes made to your nation today?

what contributions have the Seneca tribes made to our nation today

What actors and actresses appeared in A Nation of Immigrants - 1967?

The cast of A Nation of Immigrants - 1967 includes: Richard Basehart as (narrator)

What are the two british contributions to India?

The major contributions are * India as a single nation and * English

What are the release dates for A Nation of Immigrants - 1967 TV?

A Nation of Immigrants - 1967 TV was released on: USA: 8 September 1967

Why is the United States described as a nation of immigrants?

Because the United States was started by immigrants, everyone who lives or lived in the U.S were immigrants or had family that were immigrants.

Why is the US sometimes called a nation of immigrants?

Because America is known for being a land that many immigrants come to to make their lives, and they make significant impacts on life in America in both the past and the present. Because of this, America is very diverse compared to other countries, and has really been built and developed by its immigrants.

What were some of George Washington's contributions to history?

one of his major contributions as President of the new nation was having the ability to keep the new nation neutral and out of foreign wars.

Why is the US described as a nation of immigrants?

because they wanna be

What is a nation of immigrants with a large European population?


What nation does not have significant resources?

Latavia A+

Which of these nation does not have significant resources?


Is the US based on immigrants?

Yes, we're known for being a nation of immigrants. Ever since the 1800's...

What nation do the largest group of immigrants come from today?


Which nation supplies Australia with it's most Immigrants?


Since when did we start letting immigrants in America?

The United States is a nation of immigrants. The English came from ENGLAND in 1620 making them IMMIGRANTS. The only people here who aren't immigrants are Native Americans and the immigrants tried their best to kill them.

What connection can you make about America is a nation of immigrants?

Fred Johnsen Harr.fredha

Is nation an example of collective noun?

There is no specific use for nation as a collective noun, however if the context is appropriate, nation can be used as a collective noun. Some examples are 'a nation of immigrants', a nation of adventurers, a nation of farmers, etc.

What was the most significant success of reconstruction?

The most significant success of reconstruction was the keeping the nation united as one. The Confederacy was dismantled and one nation emerged again.

Is bahamas part of the uk?

No, its an individual nation.

What is a 1986 US liberty half dollar with a nation of immigrants on it worth?

About $10

How do immigrants help the USA?

Please go back and review the history of the U.S. prior to the constitution and follow the links of time and war.___________The question is a little like asking "What good is air except for breathing?" The US is a nation of immigrants, and it will forever be a nation of immigrants. There were absolutely no native-born US citizens at the moment that the US came to be. [There were indigenous American peoples and I in no way belittle their heritage or their contributions to the US]. Immigrants and/or the descendants of immigrants are our life-blood, just as air sustains us.But this should NOT be construed as saying that the US is obliged to be a borderless nation, and anyone who walks in has the right to demand citizenship or any of the rights and privileges that citizens share. Obviously citizenship was a complex and difficult to define concept in 1789, but the constitution does address it. If we selectively abandon the rule of law, then the rule of law is ultimately worthless.

Immigrants are good for the US because?

LEGAL immigrants are good for the US because our nation was founded by immigrants, settled by immigrants, and is what it is today because of the hard work of (mostly) law-abidingimmigrants. Young immigrants work and pay into the social security system, thereby funding the dwindling accounts of the aging population.

One of George Washington's major contributions as president was?

keeping the nation out of foreign wars.

Which nation uses significant amounts of geothermal power?


What are 3 components of the lifestyle of the typical American?

Hard work A nation of Immigrants Consumerism