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? hitler...?

ps i love 1D

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Q: Who are some infamous french people?
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Is Peugeot a famous french car?

Some people would say Peugeot is an INFAMOUS French car, but they are probably Italians or Germans.

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some people are very infamous for drugs. Rich kids are mostly infamous and spoiled.

Who are some infamous people of the 1940s in the US?


Who were some infamous people in the 1950s?

Richard Nixon and Joeseph Macathy.. I think

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Some of the infamous people I know of in the World War 2 are: FDR, Churchill, Hitler, and Mussolini. Hope that helps anyone who had trouble with this question....

Do the french respect Australians?

Some people of French decent will respect some people of Australian ancencestry, some will not.

Is the French people being nice to you?

Some French people will be nice to you.

What are the places that have french?

France has some French people there

Are French people allergic to meat?

As a nation, French people are not allergic to meat. Some French people will be allergic to meat. Some people in any country in the world will be allergic to meat.

Who were the infamous people of Hawaii?

quas Raymond

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Joseph Stalin was an incredibly infamous man that people were terrified of. Joseph Stalin was a cruel leader who hurt many people.

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