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Q: Who are some young looking male celebrities over the age of 40?
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What young celebrities wear Levis?

Young celebrities try to where the style or what is in fashion. They try to be over the top. The best

How many celebrities have died too young?

There have been hundreds of celebrities to die young over the years. Some have been Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse, and Kurt Cobain.

What is a young stag?

A young stag, also known as a young buck, is a young male deer that is over a year of age but under three or four.

Who are some good celebrities to invite over?

Only invite over the celebrities whom you know personally. Celebrities do not accept invitations from strangers.

How many celebirities are there?

there r over lots of celebrities. they are all over the world. there are 20000 celebrities.

Do all male deer have antlers?

No. Only those bucks that are over a year old have antlers. Young male fawns do not have antlers.

Where are left wing celebrities?

All over, since most celebrities are liberals.

What is the distance of migration for the African lion?

A pride of lions are usually a family group, with lionesses and young, safeguarded by a dominant male. They are territorial and keep within their range. Lone males tend to wander far, looking to take over a pride by fighting the dominant male for leadership.

Is it OK to cry over celebrities?

No, there is nothing wrong crying over celebrities as long as it's not an obsession. Often young people for decades have cried over the likes of Elvis Presley dying; Buddy Holly; James Dean and many more celebrities. After all these people worked to give us entertainment and some were well loved by their fans so it is much like missing a friend that has died. What is not normal is young fans following break ups; divorces; cheating between the star and their spouse and taking it too personally.

Does a lion live by itself or with others?

they live with others, the group is called a pride. its unusual for a lion to live on its own, the only time a lion lives on its own is when its been kicked out of the pride or if its a male looking for a new pride to take over. male lions are usually kicked out of the pride by females and by the alpha male because the alpha male sees the young males as a threat to his status.

What is the difference between a chicken and a cockerel?

A chicken is the breed of bird. A hen is female chicken over a year old. A pullet is a young female chicken. A cockerel is a young male chicken, and a rooster is a male chicken over a year old. Generally speaking, if someone refers to a "chicken" it is female.

How can you tell the difference between a male and female wolf by the fur?

No you cannot tell difference between male wolves and female wolves by fur,but you can tell by looking at the heads of the animals,the male is bigger over all plus a male has a rougher appearance than females, females are more feminine looking in that their overall appearance is more feminine!

What is a male ballet dancer called?

A young male dancer, is nowadays known as just that ' A Dancer.' The formal name is 'DANSEUR' but it is really a bit over the top for everyday use.

Do both parents help with baby foxes?

No only the female does the male goes away

Why does a younger male labrador retriever hump an older male lab?

One of the reasons that that dogs hump each other is because of dominance. If once dog can hump the other it is dominant over the other. So if your young dog is humping your older one, the young dog is claiming dominance over the older one.

What is the opposite of a female horse?

The opposite of a female horse would be a male horse. A young male horse, under the age of four, is called a colt. An adult male horse, over the age of four, that has not been castrated is called a stallion or a stud. An adult male horse, over the age of four, that HAS been castrated is called a gelding.

What is a young horse called?

The generic term for a young (under one year) horse is "foal". A male foal is a colt, a female foal is a filly. "Colt" and "filly" may also refer to a young (but over 1 year old) horse of the appropriate sex.

What celebrities have endorsed Nike shoes over the years?

Nike has been endorsed by many celebrities over the years, but most notably by Steve Prefontaine, Michael Jordan, and Carl Lewis.

What celebrities have had babies over 40?

No celebrities have ever done this. The reason is that babies are, by design, much younger than 40 when born.

What do you call a toddler horse?

A foal is a young horse under the age of one year, if unsure of the gender. A colt refers to a young male horse under the age of one, and a filly refers to a young female horse under the age of one. Horses over one year old,often tend to be called yearlings, no matter what their gender is. And then usually once over a two or three years of age, a male is called a stallion (with male parts)/gelding (without) and a female a mare.

Why are there so few male lions in a pride?

To prevent inbreeding, young males are driven out as they mature, forming partnerships with other young males, then working together to take over a pride of their own. Most prides have more than one male, and some have up to four.

How do you remain young whole life?

You cannot remain young your whole life. That is biologically impossible. Over the years, ones body physically and mentally will age. That is life, accept it. To look young, plastic surgery, but even that won't keep you looking young forever!

How do you get in contact with celebrities over Twitter?

Begin your tweet with their username (@username)

If the female or male leave the eggs in the nest for a while will they still hatch?

The female should be removed immediately the spawning process is over. The male knows more about looking after the eggs than a person so let him get on with it.

How do red kangaroos connect with other kangaroos?

Kangaroos travel in mobs, which develop from small family groups with a dominant male. A young male may move away from its mob and establish itself within a new mob by asserting its dominance over a weaker male.