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Who are the 3 girls that Justin Bieber dated and kissed?


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the girl from the 'Baby' video

the song he did with Chris Brown, he kissed and dated the girl he was after in the video

and Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber has only dated 3 girls and kissed 2. He is now single!!!!!!

He dated three and kissed two

There are probably numerous people that have dated Justin Bieber. The true number can only be known by him.Justin Bieber has dated about 4 girls so far but has kissed more than a dozen

jb loving singer that girls would die 4 him aka justin drew bieber has only dated 3 girls plus selena gomez and has kissed every one of them

Justin Bieber only dated 3 girls

miley cyrus, selena gomez and taylor swift and he kissed selena gomez and taylor swift

As far as the public knows, Justin Bieber has not kissed any boys, only girls.

Yes, Justin Bieber has dated girls.

He has only dated white girls.

Justin Bieber dated only three girls including Selena Gomez, Caitlin Beadles, and a girl when he was 12 or 13

No Justin bier is not gay and he has dated a lot of girls

He has kissed alot of girls...but no at one time

He has kiss all the girls that he loved

No, In fact Justin only has dated 3 girls

Justin Bieber has dated only girls publicly. Based on that knowledge, we have to assume that he likes girls.

Justin kissed 12345678974747 girls in one night ha ha i was lieing

yes because he kissed alot of girls before

No you don't have to be perfect, nobody's perfect girls have dated Justin Bieber and they aren't "perfect".

Yes, Justin Bieber has made many girls happy by kissing them :) rather on the cheek or lips either has the girls shivering :)

Singer Justin Bieber might like girls who act like boys. Justin Bieber has dated several celebrities and as of June 2014 is not in a relationship.

im guessing alot, cuz of his age

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