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Asian boyz is a gang started out in the late 80's in the Los Angeles area, although it is generally stated that it started out in long beach that is not really correct. In the late 80's there were 3 separate gangs called the Asian boyz. this explains the variation of ABZ , abs and ABI Asian boyz in L.A. county.

There are the Asian boyz ABZ in long beach , Asian boys style abs in Van Nuys (San Fernando valley) and Asian boyz insane or insanity ABI in Los Angeles (Chinatown).

Long Beach ABZ shares a similar lineage to Tiny Raskal gang TRG it's rival gang and sometimes ally in long beach. Both gangs itself traces its roots to 2 crews sometimes called teenage rapists tr (tr is where Tiny Raskal came from) and another crew called ultimate new wave or ultimate wave warriors (which has been said is where ABZ came from). Of course there were tr members that got into ABZ and ultimate members who got into trg. trg members also switched sides to ABZ and ABZ members who switched to trg. which causes even more confusion into lineage of both the trg and ABZ gangs. It is common in the old days to see TRG members with ABZ tattoos and ABZ members to have TRG tattoos.

Long beach ABZ is allied for life with the Asian gangs Suicidal Town st and exotic foreign creation/creative Crips/Croterie EFCC. A racial gang war with the Latino gangs in long beach forced many Asian gangs to ally themselves like the ABZ/EFCC group and call a truce with cold blooded Cambodians CBC (later called crazy brother clan) who once was allied with TRG. An alliance that no longer exists.

Van Nuys abs was started in the small Cambodian community around van nuys blvd. and Valerio street. though the gang started out as a small Cambodian gang it's numbers swelled with the influx of Vietnamese and Filipino members. It is often said that Van Nuys Asian boyz came from long beach that is not really correct. Both the Van Nuys faction and long beach faction started separately around the same time in the late 80's. The confusion is due to several Cambodian van nuys abs members who had friends and relatives in long beach ABZ getting jumped into long beach ABZ to make both abs and abz gangs the same gang. The first generation of the van nuys faction were called abs for Asian boys style. 2nd generation were mostly ABZfor Asian boyz. 3rd generation was split between those from the west San Fernando valley and Simi valley who claimed abs for Asian boys (mostly Vietnamese and some Koreans) and those in the east San Fernando valley who claimed Asian boyz abz (mostly Cambodians with some Vietnamese and Filipino's. Though they were had different letters s for some and z for others it was just different cliques of the same gang. Most of the current generation from van nuys are abz but there are a few members who claim ABS.
L.A. Asian boyz insane/insanity abi started out in Chinatown with mostly Chinese members. abi is now defunct with most members moving to San Gabriel valley when most of the Chinese families moved out of Chinatown. Chinatown is now oriental lazy boyz olb territory. Their lineage however lives on in San Gabriel valley as west side Asian boyz. Not to be confused with north side Asian boyz also based in San Gabriel valley or the growing amount of van nuys abs/abz also in san gabriel valley. The oldest members of Asian boyz in San Gabriel valley will be members of the original Chinatown ABI.

Long Beach ABZ , Van Nuys ABS and Los Angele's a.b.i. were the original 3 gangs that became Asian boyz and spawned te various other sets around the country with members moving to other cities and states. Fresno abz for example was founded by members from long beach. San Jose ab (later abz) was founded by a brother of a van nuys abs. Monterrey park abz was started by l.a. abi. Bakersfield abz was founded by a Fresno abz member, and so on.

There are currently 5 active factions in Los Angele's county. East side long beach Asian boyz based in the long beach area (the original long beach abz faction), van nuys Asian boys/boyz based in the San Fernando valley area with some members in Simi valley and San Gabriel valley mostly Cambodian and Vietnamese (The original van nuys Asian boys style abs faction). West side Asian boyz based in San Gabriel valley mostly Chinese and Vietnamese (traces its lineage to the original L.A. Asian boyz insanity ABI faction and it's offshoot Monterrey park Asian boyz ABZ). North side long beach Asian boyz based in the long beach area mostly Cambodian and Lao (offshoot of the original east side long beach faction).

North Side Asian boyz based in San Gabriel valley started out with Cambodian and Filipino members but now mainly Vietnamese and Chinese (founded by a long beach ABZ member who recruited a few members in Newark , Downy , Cerritos , Whittier area before finally setting up in the San Gabriel valley)

For a brief time there was a central side Asian boyz in the la Canada and Korean areas. this was not a real Asian boyz gang. this set was founded by a former van Nuys Asian boyz member who was kicked out of the gang for not being active and not meeting the standards of the gang. it had mainly Thai members , like its founder and Koreans. this side is no longer around after being broken up for being claimers by the van Nuys faction.


The information above about Central side has been a rumor for many years started by rival gangs. It is true that Central Side Asian Boyz was found by a member of Van Nuys side member but C-Side had close ties with the Van Nuys and Long Beach sides afterwards. It actually started in Glendale and La Cresenta and reached out all the way to Cerritos. It had Thai, Cambodian and Korean members and for a brief time it was known as the most dangerous gang in Los Angeles. Central Side Asian Boyz continued "Summer madness" started by the O.G's of ABZ shortly after the pool hall shooting accident. Central Side ABZ were known for small tactical warfares like the Navy seals catching enemies off guard inside buildings or in isolated areas. This side has been broken up since few years ago due to age.
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The Asian Boyz Gang are a gang under the Crip Alliance with gangs such as the Crips & Hoover Criminals to name a couple. So the godfathers of all Crip sets are Stanley Tookie Williams & Raymond Washington. *As far as the founder of the Asian Boyz Crip set Marvin Mercado is the sets founder.

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The godfathers of all Crips are Stanley Tookie Williams & Raymond Washington. But the founder of the Asian Boyz Crip set is Marvin Mercado.

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By race Indians are classified as Asians, therefore yes thereare Indians in the Asian Boyz Crips gang. The continent of Asia has 40+ countries, not just China, Japan,Thailand, Vietnam, Laos Korea and Cambodia. The Asian Boyz Crips allows any race to join, it is notexclusive to only Asians. ( Full Answer )

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This is oldest to youngest: Vincent "Vinny" Castronovo=14 years old. Nick "Nicholicious" Mara=14 years old. Madison Alamia=13 years old. Mikey "Spikey Mikey" Fusco=12 years old. Brad "Bboy" Jabroni=12 years old. Jason "No Bones" Smith=11 years old. Thomas "T-Money"Miceli=11 years old. Louis "Da Pit ( Full Answer )

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the names of the Iconic Boyz are Mikey Fusco Jason Smith Nick Mara Thomas Mceli Madison Alamia Louis diPippa P.S nick is mine

How old are Iconic boyz?

Nick is - 13 Louis is - 10 Madison is - 13 - he ust turn 13 Vinny is - 14 - he ust turn 14 Mikey is - 13 Jason is - 11 Thomas is - 10

What is the iconic boyz birthday?

Louis "Da Pitbull" Dipippa Age: 10 Birthday: June 3, 2001 Thomas "T-Money" Miceli Age: 11 Birthday: April 15, 2000 Jason "NoBones" Smith Age: 11 Birthday: November 30, 1999 Michael "Spikey Mikey" Fusco Age: 12 Birthday: February 26, 1999 Madison "Mad Boy" Alamia Age: 13 Birthday: April 12, 1998 Nich ( Full Answer )

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Nick R., Mikey, Julian, Madison, Louis, Jared, Thomas, jason, Tristan, Joey, Josh, Nick M., James Maas, John,

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Thomas Miceli, Jason Smith, Nicholas Mara, Jared Madridejos, Jon D'onofrio, Tristan Rubiano, Nicholas Rubiano, Christopher Corradino, Madison Alamia, Michael Fusco, Joey Fernandez, Louis Dipippa, Joshua Price, and Julian DeGuzman :D

Who is nick from iconic boyz?

Hes a great dancer . He was on ABDC Season 6. His crews name is called The ICONic Boyz. They are all great! Hes supper cute and he has a great smile lol (: Hope this helped lol

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yes iconic boyz are single at this time but they say they might date one of their fans but they have to get to know them first

What are the birthdays of all the iconic boyz?

Louis- June 3, 2000 Thomas- April 15, 2000 Jason- November 30, 1999 Mikey- February 26, 1999 Madison- April 12, 1998 Nick- November 8, 1997 Vinny- April 8, 1997

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Born September 23, 1974 Matthew Moore Hardy has the Sun in Libra;unless he was born before 9.58 GMT. Born August 31, 1977 Jeffrey Nero Hardy has the Sun in Virgo.

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They are on tour RIGHT NOW :D You can go to their website iconicboyz(dot)com and click on the NRG ticket thing, find your location, and BUY VIP ALL ACCESS TICKETS, for a meet and greet (:

How can you get in contact with ICONic Boyz?

i live in Englishtown so for me drive to ICON. You can mail fan mail to ICON Dance Studio or call or go to Albivi in Millstone ( the pizza is SO good) you can call ICON dance studio. HHI is coming up too.

When is iconic boyz birthday?

Vincent "Vinny/Grand Man" Castronovo-April 8 1997 Nick"Nicholicious" Mara-November 8 1997 Madison"Mad Boy" Alamia-April 12 1998 Mikey"Spikey Mikey'Fusco-February 25 1999 Jason "No Bones"Smith-November 30 2000 Louis"DaPitbull" DiPippa-June 3 2000 Thomas "T-Money"Miceli-April 15 2000

What do the Iconic Boyz look like?

OK I will tell what the ICONic Boyz look like. BTW if the Iconic Boyz see this please try to find a was to contact me.. hahah ook here go. Vincent "Vinny" Castronovo: cute, shy. sexy, funny, and he is my man. Madison "Bad Boy" Alamia: cute and funny. Nicholas "Nick" Mara: cute. sexy, funny, an ( Full Answer )

Who has braces in iconic boyz?

On ABDC Vinny and Mikey had braces. But about a month after Vinny left the ICONic Boyz dance crew, he got his braces taken off so now its only Mikey. He has the clear ones and says he will have them on for another year or two.

Who in all are on the iconic boyz?

Members of the Iconic Boyz are Thomas Miceli, Jason Smith, Nicholas Mara, Jared Madridejos, Jon D'onofrio, Vincent Castronovo, Tony Garcia, Tristan Rubiano, Nicholas Rubiano, Christopher Corradino, Madison Alamia, Michael Fusco, Joey Fernandez and Louis Dipippa.

What are all the names of the boyz from iconic boyz?

ICONic Boyz: Vinny Castronovo- "GRANDman" Madison Alamia- "MadBoyz" Mikey Fusco- "Spikey Mikey" Nick Mara- "Nicholicious" Louis DiPippa- "DaPitbull" Jason Smith- "NoBonez" Thomas Miceli- "T-Money / Thomaswag" Source: I'm a crazy ICONiac, so I know all the information on them!

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THE ICONic Boyz were 7 boys on America's Best Dance Crew being the youngest crew ever on the show they are: Michael Elio Fusco, Vinchenzo Castronovo Jr. , Madison William Alamia, Jason Chandler Smith, Thomas Anthony Micele, Nicholas Carter Mara, and Louis Paul Dipippa.

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