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Who are the Patricia's who are world famous?

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Patricia Arquette - actress

Patricia Demick - boxer

Patricia Ford - model

Patricia Heaton - actress

Patricia Neal - actress - stage and screen

Patricia Richardson - actress

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What are the ratings and certificates for Patricias Geheimnis - 1995 TV?

Patricias Geheimnis - 1995 TV is rated/received certificates of: Germany:12

Where is patricias room in Pippa funnels stud farm inheritance?

Its your room, your room is partricias old room

Is world-famous a compound noun?

No, the word 'world-famous' is an adjective, not a noun.The adjective 'world-famous' describes a noun as being well known around the world (a world-famous scientist or a world-famous battle).

What actors and actresses appeared in Patricias Geheimnis - 1995?

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What year was patricia born in?

Since there have been lots of "Patricias" over the centuries, both real and in fiction, you should clarify which Patricia you mean.

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Who are the world famous mechanical engineers

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Famous world war two general

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