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olly murs is the most great singer in the world i love you so much olly murs my heart skips skips an beat for you

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Who are the Best singers of 2008-09?

It's your opinion on who is the best singers of 2008-09.

Who are the best rep singers?


Who are the best opera singers?

Some of the best opera singers of all time include Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo. Maria Callas and Renee Fleming are also very good singers.

Who are the best male opera singers?

Best is a judgement and you are the judge.

Who are the best Canadian singers?

Justin Bieber

What is the best singers name?

Miley Cyrus

Who are the best female singers of Hollywood?


Who are the best 2012 female singers?


Is LMAFO the best singers ever?


Who are best singers in the world?

Latha Mangeshkar

What are the most popular spanish singers?

in my opinion:] i say that rbd(rebelde) should be the best spanish singers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the best male opera singers?

Jose Carreras.

Best female singers 1960s?

Aretha Franklin.

Who is the wanted best singers name?

Nathan Sykes ;)

Who is the best singer in the wanted?

They are all good singers

Who are the best women blues singers?

Billie Holiday

Are Gemini's good singers?

Geminis are truly one of the most skilled singers. In fact, Most singers are actually Geminis! You may be astonished but it's true, Libras and Virgos are the other best pair singers! I hope this explained your question!!! :)

Who is the best female teenage singer?

Here's a list of teenage singers who I think are good singers:Demi LovatoJoJo

Is Florida Georgia line good singers?

Florida Georgia Line are good singers and their best song is called cruise

Is n dubz the best singers of all time?

yes, they are

Singers with initials TS?

Taylor swift that is the best one!

Who are the best high level singers in the world?

chester bennington

Who are the best singers in Britain?

Reconnected a British Boy Band.

Who are the backup singers on BET Sunday's Best?

Y'Anna Crawley:

What is the most popular rap singers?

who ever you think is the best