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Who are the founders of the Irish Republican Army?


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All of the founders of the Irish republican army are quite well known.

They were all shot for their involvement in the Easter rebellion.

Save for DeValera of course who was spared being an American citizen.

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The Irish Republican Army started in 1922.

Irish Republican Liberation Army was created in 2006.

Provisional Irish Republican Army was created in 1969.

Chronology of Continuity Irish Republican Army actions happened in 2000.

Total Irish independence from Britain.

Do you mean the IRA (Irish Republican Army)

It seems like the enemies of the Provisional Irish Republican Army would be the British. That's what the research that I did on this topic.

Northern Campaign - Irish Republican Army - happened on 1942-09-02.

You are referring to the Irish Republican Army or IRA and they are not still fighting.

Lord Mountbatten was assassinated by the IRA (Irish Republican Army) 27 August 1979.

A combination of Irish nationalism and Socialism.

Descended from the Irish Volunteers that staged the Easter Uprising in April of 1916, the Irish Republican Army became the legitimate army of the formally established Irish Republic in 1919.For more information, please see the related link below:

In 1919, the Irish Republic was formally established by an elected assembly called Dáil Éireann. The Irish Volunteers were the fighing group. The Dáil Éireann renamed them the Irish Republican Army. After the Anglo-Irish Treaty in 1921, supporters of the Treaty formed the National Army while the anti-treaty forces continued to use the name Irish Republican Army. There have been many groups since then that have re-used the name.

No.. the IRA are a primarily Irish Catholic organization.

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It's pretty much exclusively Catholics who are Irish or of Irish descent.

The Irish Republican Army is a terrorist organisation. which carried out many terrorist atrocities. They are completely distinct from the Irish army in the Republic of Ireland, which is a regular army like in other countries.

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Óglaigh na hÉireann - Continuity Irish Republican Army splinter group - was created in 2006.

The Irish Republican Army in its original form managed to achieve independence for Ireland from the British. However, the original treaty established Ireland as a Free State and Commonwealth Dominion, and it wasn't until the end of the Irish Civil War - where the anti-Treaty forces of the Irish Republican Army were defeated - that an amendment was made to the Irish Constitution which relinquished Dominion status and established the country as a republic.

the pira provisional Irish republican army Yeah, they're awesome.

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