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according to me the health conscious people are due to

having some disease in past most probably when they are kids

have some serious patient in family or friends

or they are doctors.

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How many salads do people eat per year?

Depends on how health conscious those people are.

Should healthy people get discounts for health care?

Health conscious people having good health ought to get discount for health care but it is not within my knowledge whether any Health Insurance Co. offer such discount or not.

How many people do bodybuilding?

A large number of people today belong to diet conscious men and women. Basing on the number of people in the world, maybe a half percent of it does body building. Most especially American men and women who are diet conscious individuals. Actually the point here is on how you can handle your health no matter how many individual are in to it. The important salience here is you must one of those individual who are diet conscious or health conscious.

What is something that health-conscious people look for food to be low in?

Sodium, calories, fat

What actors and actresses appeared in Conscious Health - 2014?

The cast of Conscious Health - 2014 includes: Kalynn Jenkins as Herself - Host

What is the hyphenated adjective of the person who cares a lot of his health?


What eats cauliflower?

Anyone who is health conscious

Which country is the most health conscious?

Hung Chung Fu

What are the release dates for Conscious Health - 2014 Gongs for Life - 1.2?

Conscious Health - 2014 Gongs for Life - 1.2 was released on: USA: 5 March 2014

Do people really have a conshence?

Yes people do have a conscious. The conscious of each individual is present whether it is recognized as such or not.

Does david tenant smoke?

No. He's much too health conscious.

Which school programs could be classified as health conscious?

There are many school programs that could be classified as health conscious. One would be at your High School and the other could be in a College class such as becoming a doctor.

What are some of the reasons for McDonald's decline?

Mainly health conscious consumers and competition.

What are the release dates for Conscious Health - 2014 Feng Shui for Abundance 1-3?

Conscious Health - 2014 Feng Shui for Abundance 1-3 was released on: USA: 6 March 2014

What are you supposed to be like if you are a Virgo?

Virgo people are very neat and meticulous. They are perfectionists and are very health-conscious. Virgo are inclined to be practical and industrious, yet adaptable.

Are people who have anorexia conscious about their disease?

Most people are conscious. It is possible for someone to not know the official name of the disease, however, and instead only be conscious of their efforts to lose weight in this particular manner.

Is Louie Vito a smoker?

Absolutely not! He is very health conscious and doesn't even drink!

Why do US cereal box not give the proportion of sugar content?

Health conscious people would not eat cereal if they knew how much sugar was in it. It could devistate the industry.

How many people live in United States?

I am open-minded, very health-conscious, cheerful, I am down-to-earth, loving, very respectful, and know how to treat a man.

Are you health conscious or beauty conscious in America?

You ask that about a nation that puts underweight women up as ideals when more than half the population is overweight. Surely you jest.

How can you motivate people to be tax conscious?

audit them.

Do British people actually drink tea?

Yes. In the UK (black) tea is widely drunk. There is a tendency among some, mainly younger people, to drink coffee. Some health-conscious people drink various herbal teas.

What does conscious?

Conscious means that someone is aware of what they are thinking and doing. Many people are aware of their day-to-day surroundings.

Is it good to eat cheetos puffs?

If you're more concerned about the taste than the health factor, sure. But if you're really health conscious, definitely not.

What type of bakeware is made by Smartware?

Smartware develops bakeware and cookware for health-conscious people. Smartware allows the person cooking to use less fats and oil to cook their food.