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People that live in the regions that possess the hippopotamus will sometimes hunt it.

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Are hippos consumers?

Are hippos hunters, consumers, predators , or producers? (Their niche in the ecosystem)

Who are killing hippos?

Hippos are being killed by hunters and poachers. They are also killed by natural predators such as the Lions.

What can kill hippos?

Hunters or farmers with guns, lions if the hippo is too badly injured, a group of large crocodiles, adult elephants, disease, starvation, dehydration, other hippos, etc.

What are people doing to save the pygmy hippo from endangerment?

People are trying to find the pygmy hippos a suitable habitat. But, war in the area is preventing people from finding a suitable habitat for pygmy hippos. Most pygmy hippos live in zoos. In zoos the pygmy hippos are safe from hunters and natural predators. Pygmy hippos have plenty of food and water in the zoos. The zoo keepers breed the pygmy hippos. Also, some people are keeping pygmy hippos as pets.

What can kill crocodiles?

Rhinos, elephants, hunters, and mostly hippos. Lions, leopards, tigers, and jaguars can kill crocodiles depending on the size of the crocodiles.

Why do hippos get hunt down?

Hippos are an easy animal to poach as they gather in water holes for extended periods of time, allow hunters to kill several at a time. They are hunted for their tusks (ivory), body parts for alternative medicines, meat for exotic foods.

What is the collective noun for hippos?

The collective nouns are a bloat of hippos, a crash of hippos, or a herd of hippos.

What are hippos mixed with?


Why were hippos hunted?

For there teeth and hippos teeth valuable and hippos were also dangerous

How many stomachs do hippos have?

hippos have one stomach

Who are hippos enemies?

other hippos

What are the three hippos called?

what hippos

Do hippos have camouflage?

do hippos hibernate

What are hippos enimes?

well the male hippos enimes are humans and other hippos what he said ^

Are hippos unicellular?

No, hippos are multicellular organisms.

Do hippos have tongues?

Yes,hippos have tongues.

Do hippos blink?

yes hippos blink.

Where do baby hippos come from?

Mother Hippos

Do hippos eat meatballs?

yes hippos do

What are hippos legs called?

Hippos legs?

Why can't hippos talk?

Because they are hippos!

When was The Hippos created?

The Hippos was created in 1995.

Do hippos have bones?

Yes they do. Hippos are vertebrates.

Are there hippos in togo?

Yes, there are hippos in Togo.

When did Hippos end?

Hippos ended in 749.