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Who are the loyalists patriots in the American Revolution?


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The loyalists were the people who stayed loyal to the king.


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The Patriots completely supported the American Revolution, while the Loyalists were against it.

Patriots are people who were against Brittan in the American revolution where as loyalists are for Brittan.

The patriots won it because the french helped them.

what type of jobs did patriots and loyalists have during the american revolution

The Patriots were the one's who started the American Revolution because they wanted to be a separate country and the Loyalists were the people who were Loyal to the crown of England

Yes. That's what loyalists were. They believed that it was good to impose a tax for the American Revolution. The people who opposed this were Patriots.

The Patriots were the American colonists who rebelled against the British in the American Revolution. The American colonists who stayed loyal to the British and were against the Patriots were called Loyalists.

40% considered patriots; 40% considered neutrals; 20% loyalists.

The patriots were those favoring the American revolution and the ideal American society. Loyalists were those favoring to stay as colonies of Britian. Idk what a naturalist is though-sorry๐Ÿ˜•

the king was killed, the patriots won, loyalists lost

No, and the Patriots did not torture the children of resident Loyalists.

the political ideas that influenced the revolution was that they ( patriots or loyalists) wanted to be independent.

Loyalists support the leaders, patriots defend their country. During the American Revolution Loyalists supported the rule of the English King while Patriots wanted a new government for the colonies (they were not states yet).

A long time ago, the Americans were with the British, until the American revolution. The loyalists, (they were loyal to the king) listened to King George and gave the patriots (people who were not loyal to the king) heavy taxes. The patriots could not afford that, so they started a war for their freedom. It was the patriots against the loyalists.

Loyalists wanted to stay loyal to Britain but the patriots didn't; they wanted independence. the patriots did not like it when Britain taxed them from thousands of miles away and when it passed laws that were unjust. loyalists did not want to fight Britain

The Patriots wanted independence and freedom from the British King but the Loyalists disagreed.

If your referring to after the American Revolution when America gained Its independence from Britain, then no the loyalists were not forced to move form America.

Loyalists were those in support of the British Parliament (loyal to Britain) during the American Revolution. Patriots were in support of America's independence (rebels) and fought the British.

During the American Revolution, there were three different groups: The Patriots were for the Revolution, the Loyalists were against the revolution, and the Neutralists didn't care. I don't know what fraction, but I bet the Loyalists took up a large portion of the people against the Revolution.

Patriots and loyalists resided in the American colonies. The main concentration of patriots was in the northern colonies, while the main concentration of loyalists was in the southern colonies.

Loyalists took the side of the British. Patriots fought for independence.

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