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your mom guff chad buff dh dh

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Q: Who are the people Hatshepsut refers to?
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How did hatshepsut encourage trade?

hatshepsut encouraged trade by sending people in northern egypt

How did hatshepsut treat her people?

She treated her people with respect

Did people like hatshepsut?

Some people respected Hatshepsut as she was the first female pharaoh, but most people did not like her as they thought a female shouldn't be a pharaoh.

What was hatshepsut's treatment of people?

she treated her people with compassion and respect

How did hatshepsut expand trade?

Hatshepsut sent people far North to Rome and Greece. This was how she expanded trade.

What did queen hatshepsut do in order for people to respect her?

she killed them

Did hatshepsut go to war with other people?


Who controlled the land and people of ancient Egypt?


How did Hatshepsut help her people?

she built the goverment of egypt

What was a challenge for Queen Hatshepsut?

One of Queen Hatshepsut challenge was that she was a women so people didn't want her to be the pharaoh of Egypt.

How did the people of Egypt view their queen Hatshepsut power?


How did hatshepsut look like?

Hatshepsut wore mens clothes so people would respect her more. She also wore a fake beard.

Is it Hatshepsut or Hatsheput?

It's Hatshepsut

What Personality did Hatshepsut have?

she wanted to save her people and wanted to keep them safe

What did people think of Hatshepsut?

some people thought that she was not strong enough to be a pharaoh. so people tried to fight her. but she had lots of strong people on her side so Hatshepsut stayed pharaoh. But lots of men were jealous of her and killed her in the last year of her reign.

When sis Hatshepsut reign?

Hatshepsut was in power in 1450BC

How old was Hatshepsut when she became the pharaoh?

hatshepsut was 23

Where did hatshepsut lived?

Queen Hatshepsut lived in Egypt.

In What city did hatshepsut rule in?

Hatshepsut ruled in Karnak...

What did Hatshepsut take to the afterlife?

What did Hatshepsut take to the afterlife

What did hatshepsut take to afterlife?

What did Hatshepsut take to the afterlife

Did Hatshepsut go to war with another group of people?

yes she did go to war

How many monuments and statues did Hatshepsut build?

yes she did she got people to build it for her

Who was the pharoh after Hatshepsut?

The pharaoh that ascended after Hatshepsut was her nephew Thutmose III.

What is a sentence for hatshepsut?

Hatshepsut was a great pharoh who increased trading.