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Who are the people in the President's Cabinet?

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The Presidents' Cabinet is comprised of the following major offices: Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Defense and Attorney General.

The others are the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, Transportation, and Veterans Affairs.

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Who are the people in the presidents Cabinet?

Your mom and your grandma

How are people chosen to be in the presidents cabinet?

I think that the presidential elects his cabinet personally

What are the names of the people who work for the presidents cabinet?

Either cabinet members, or Sec of ...

What presidents cabinet was known as the kitchen cabinet?

Andrew Jackson had a group of confidants and advisers that were not cabinet secretaries so people called them his kitchen cabinet.

Where do most of the members of the presidents Cabinet come from?

The cabinet are the heads of departments. People like state, national security, defense.

What is the job of the presidents cabinet?

the job of the cabinet to the president was to advise him.

What is the justification for the presidents cabinet?

The cabinet positions are established by the US Congress.

What is the presidents cabinet salary?


Who are the presidents closest advisors?

the cabinet (:

Who are the Presidents advisers?

They are known as The Cabinet

The presidents appointed advisers?


The presidents cabinet consists of?


Who is the presidents main helper?


How does the cabinet help the president?

All the presidents top advisors sit in the cabinet

Money is coined by the order of who?

the presidents cabinet

What are the informal amendments a result of?

the presidents cabinet

What is branch Member of this are appointed by the presidents?

His cabinet

Are Members of the presidents cabinet appointed by the president with the approval of the senate?

Yes- the Presidents selects his cabinet members, but the Senate can disapprove selections that it finds objectionable.

What is the highest position in the presidents cabinet?

The highest position in the president's cabinet is Secretary of State.

Can the presidents cabinet veto?

No- the word veto does not apply to the cabinet. They are under the control of the President.

Who makes up the federal cabinet?

us presidents make up the federal cabinet

How is the presidents cabinet selected?

Presidential Cabinet members are appointed by the president with approval of the US Senate.

Is secretary of state apart of the presidents cabinet?

Yes the Secretary of State is apart of the Presidential Cabinet.

What is the lowest position in the presidents cabinet?

The Department of Homeland Security is the junior department and cabinet position.

What is the presidents cabinet?

The President's Cabinet is a number of advisers who head executive departments, such as defense and treasury.