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Q: Who are the people who seek spiritual truth through yoga and meditation?
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What has the author Tat Wei written?

Tat. Wei has written: 'An exposition of the holy arctic canon regarding eternal truth and ultimate reality =' -- subject(s): Meditation, Reality, Spiritual life, Tao, Truth

Who is the mathematician that said truth is an offspring of silence and unbroken meditation?


Can you actually get superpower from meditation?

Meditation can make us realize the Truth. Meditation can make us experience God in the temple of our heart, meditation can make us activate our super conscious which can communicate with the universe. Therefore yes, meditation can create a power which can be considered as a super power. But that is not the purpose of meditation. People who are trying to find a super power are running an illusory race of achievement, and they will never attain any super power - ultimately they will suffer. The way to go beyond all this is to meditate to realize we are the Divine Soul, by contemplating the Truth. We should not strive to get power which we will finally leave behind, but to use the power within to become the Divine that we actually are.

How did religion influence Guru Nanak?

He was inspired by a powerful spiritual experience that gave him a vision of the true nature of God, and confirmed his idea that the way to spiritual growth was through meditation and through living in a way that reflected the presence of the divine within each human being.

What has the author Amritananda Das written?

Amritananda Das has written: 'Planning or totalitarianism?' -- subject(s): Addresses, essays, lectures, Economic policy 'Economic progress towards a new semantics' -- subject(s): Economic development, Economic indicators

How does turning from spiritual truth result in spiritual darkness?

by turning from spiritual truth, we are infact rejecting God's perfect plan for us, which is to live in loving, father-child, relationship with him. Without Jesus in our hearts and lives, there is no 'light'. if you think about it, darkness itself is not a thing, but merely the abscence of light. if you apply this to spirituality, with the abscence of God the father as the light, there is spiritual darkness...

How do you unlock your spirit guide?

regular meditation, learning to astral travel could help. Search the truth,it is the way to everything.

Where is the largest list of spiritual principles located?

I don't know about the largest, but this list of universal spiritual principles seems to be a great start, at the very least: Basic universal spiritual principles: Search for Truth

What is the name of the demon that won't let people sit still in church?

Biblically speaking, I am not aware that such a spiritual person exists. This may be more folklore than Biblical truth.

What is spiritual family?

A spiritual family is a family that consists of people who look at after one another in a spiritual way.. Families are bein torn apart in this day and age, but a family that is spiritual can discern all things simply because they are being led by the spirit of God. A spiritual family leans on the word of God, rather then the words of Men, therefore, a spiritual family can receive the blessing of God, that will allow them to live better lives in a evil world, where morals are lacking as well as the truth.

What is a spiritual need?

Spiritual need is the small black hole in everyones heart searching for truth, Spirituality is just another word for the inevitable need for something to worship, to depend on, to seek help in. What good is life living if one does not have anything to gain after death. These are all questions answered by spirituality, religion, and the divine truth of god. We are spiritual beings and our purpose is to seek knowledge of truth and follow the right path.

What does the Bible mean 'the mind of Christ'?

This phrase occurs in 1Corinthians 2:16.In the section from 2:14 - 3:3 Paul talks about three categories of people natural, spiritual and carnal.The natural person is spiritually dead and cannot perceive spiritual truth. The spiritual person has been spiritually born again and has God's Holy Spirit indwelling them, this kind of person can receive spiritual truth. The carnal person has God's spirit but is not yielded to the Holy Spirit so they think like a carnal person.The person who has the mind of Christ is the person who is united with Christ through the Holy Spirit. This kind of person can understand the deep truths of God and discern right from wrong (through the indwelling Holy Spirit).Compare this with Hebrews 5:14.By obeying the light they receive from God's word, these people are able to form spiritual judgments and save themselves from moral and doctrinal dangers.