Who are the users of credit?

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Consumers,Businessmen, and the government.............

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Q: Who are the users of credit?
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What should all users of credit cards be alert to and report if found?

Credit card users should check their monthly statements for fraudulent or suspicious charges. Credit users should obtain their credit reports once a year, for free, and review the reports for unknown / unrecognized transactions or applications for credit. All persons should protect their personally identifying information.

What is the classification of credit according to type of users?

1] Consumer Credit 2] Mercantile or Commercial Credit 3] Bank Credit 4] Investment Credit

Which companies allow their users to perform online credit monitoring?

Some companies that allow users to perform credit monitoring online include Experian and Equifax. Another popular option is the Credit Report website.

What NFL team is nicknamed credit card users?

the chargers

What NFL team is named after credit card users?


What NFL team is named for credit card users?


How do you get credit on pokefarm?

Get credit, or get credits? To get credits, you can sell things in the shop, interact with other users, or get them from scours.

What football team is the credit card users?

The San Diego "Chargers"

How does the authorized users credit impact the primary users credit?

When adding an authorized user to your account, you are agreeing to any and all charges that person places on the account. If the authorized user chooses to abuse the account, such as making purchases beyond the amount that you are able to pay or by exceeding the limit of the card, the negative effects goes against the primary users credit. The authorized users credit is not affected at all and they are not responsible for payments. So be careful who you chose to add to your card.

What football team is nicknamed the credit card users?


If you have a credit card only in your name will it affect or show on your husbands credit report?

No, only the owner and authorized users of the credit card will be reported on the credit card company to the credit agencies. If your husband is an authorized user on the credit card then it will show up on his credit report.

What is the most popular credit union in the United States?

The biggest credit union in the US is the Navy Federal which has over three million users. Other popular credit unions include State Employees with almost 1.5 million users and Pentagon Federal with over 800,000 members.

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