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Steve Buscemi is the Dad.....Norm McDonald is the son

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Q: Who are the voices in the go phone gingerbread commercial?
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Who are the voices of the gingerbread men in the go phone commercial?

The dad is Steve Buscemi. The son is Norm McDonald.

Who are the voices of the father and son gingerbread men in the ATT Go Phone Commercial?

Steve Buscemi and Norm McDonald

Who plays the dad on the most recent Go-Phone commercial?


Who are the actors with meatloaf in the go phone commercial?

i think it is his real wife and son

Why did the gingerbread man go to the doctors?

He was feeling crumby

How do you find the gingerbread man on HorseIsle?

The gingerbread man is on the main cloud isle to the far west. Go through the little candy maze until you get to the gingerbread house. Go into the house, click on your tools, and use the magnifying glass. It should say something like 'Looking closely to the floor, you see a little gingerbread man.' You might have to step out of the house and then back in for the gingerbread man to show up.

Is Tiffany the woman in the go phone commercial with meatloaf?

yes... and Adam Cagley plays the son

Who does the voices in the new Bing commercial about OK Go?

Laura Prepon (of That 70's Show fame) Arden Myrin (of Mad TV fame)

How do you say gingerbread in Spanish?

Word - gingerbread Spanish - pan de jengibre Pronunciation - pun zhe zhenzheebarie (for a better explanation go to Google Translate).

Is meatloaf the guy singing to his son on the new go phone commercial?

Yes, But I'm not sure that is his real son.

Where do the actors go when they record their voices for a DreamWorks animated movie?

The actors go into a studio and record their voices for a Dreamworks animated movie.

How do you make a candy village?

Its not candy but its gingerbread go to the link below

Who is the guy on the new go phone commercial?

Meat Loaf and the woman is Tiffany -- the kid is not Meat Loaf's son, but an actor.

What exactly is a "go phone"?

"Go Phone" is an AT&T cell phone. The Go Phone is an inexpensive cell phone with pay as you go service.

What nicknames does Vercy Miller go by?

Vercy Miller goes by Young V, and Gingerbread Boy.

Where does The name Jennifer Stern appear on what phone in a cell phone commercial?

On the HTC Aria ATT commercial (you checked the weather, which inspired the trip where you met the girl who is calling you now) 'Jennifer Stern' is that girl. Her name is displayed on the phone as she calls. To watch the video go to the HTC site and scroll to the bottom (I couldn't find the commercial on youtube)

Can a go phone sim card go into a at phone?

no. a go phones sim is programed for the go phone. no the actual at&t phone.

What is the plot in the book The Gingerbread Man?

An old lady bakes a gingerbread man, but for some reason before he gets eaten, he comes to life and escapes. She chases him. During the chase, he comes across other animals - cows, dogs etc who all want to eat him and chase him. Finally he comes to a river which he can't cross without becoming soggy. A wily fox offers to take him across the river on his tail. When his tail gets too wet, the fox tells the gingerbread man to go on to his back, when his back becomes wet, the fox tells the gingerbread man to go on to his head. When the gingerbread man reaches his nose, the fox eats the gingerbread man.

Who voices Alicia on 'Go Diego Go?

Alicia is voiced by Serena Kerrigan .

Where are the eyes for the gingerbread man on Gingerbread House Escape?

The first one is behind the middle candy on the chimney stack. Then you can go to the bathroom and get the brush which is next to the chocalate bath, then go to the witch and light the brush so its now a torch. Then go to the bathroom again and light the candles and the eye will appear above.

Who plays the mother in the most recent Cingular Go-Phone commercial?

I believe that it's ex 80's teen pop star, Tiffany.

When was Riders Go Commercial created?

Riders Go Commercial was created on 1989-06-19.

How does an att go phone work?

An AT&T Go Phone is a prepaid phone that you buy phone cards for and add talking time to your account. There is no contract for a Go Phone.

What should you do when your phone is hacked?

go to you phone opperater or go to your cell phone place

How do you retrieve your phone number?

go to settings and then go to about phone