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Do wolves eat their prey?

Yes, wolves eat the prey that they catch.

How do red wolves catch their prey?

Wolves catch their prey by the stalk

Are wolves a predator or prey?

Wolves are predators

Do wolves follow their prey?

Yes wolves will chase their prey until they give up most of the time they do not catch their prey though.

Is caribou a predator or a prey?

They are prey to Arctic Wolves.

Do wolves have diet?

Wolves hunt to survive, they eat small prey and large prey such as elk and caribou.

Why do wolves need paws?

Wolves need paws to chase their prey and kill the prey. They eat to survive.

Can you use wolves in a sentence?

Wolves hunt in packs for their prey.

Why do wolves surround their prey?

Wolves surround their prey to make it easier to take down. When they do this, their prey has no way to escape and the wolf gets an easy meal

When was The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey created?

The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey was created on 2007-08-31.

Coyotes are prey to what?

Coyotes are prey to cougars and sometimes wolves.

Is a moose a predator or prey?

The moose is a prey, especially to such animals as cougars and wolves.

How do wolves eat their prey?


What is the food of wolves?

Prey animals.

Is a bison a prey predator or both?

They are prey animals. Wolves and bears quite often prey on them.

Do wolves eat their prey alive?

When hunting large prey such as moose or elk, wolves kill their prey by eating it alive. They rip off chunks of meat off the prey to bring out the prey's weakness: their intestines. Unlike felines like Leopards & Mountain Lions, Wolves' teeth are not long enough to deliver throat bites. That's why they have to eat their large prey alive. But when hunting small prey like rodents, Wolves may kill them. Spotted Hyenas and African Wild Dogs kill their prey the same way.

Do Arctic gray wolves sneak up on their prey?

yes- that is a wolves instincts

How do wolves sneak up on their prey?

so there prey will not run or fight back

Is the gray wolf classified as a predator or prey?

Wolves are predators.

Do any animals prey on wolves?


Do wolves eat weasels?

Yes, weasels are on the long list of prey taken by wolves.

What are wolves prey?

Lone wolves hunt smaller animals such as Hares. In a pack, wolves often hunt elk/moose/caribous (depending on where the wolves live) and choose the weakest of the prey. This also helps the genes of the prey, since only the weakest get eaten and therefor can't pass on their weakness to the neyt generation.

Why are other wolves enemies of the timber wolf?

Wolves are pack animals and a top predator, meaning that other animals are either prey or competition for prey - even other wolves outside their own pack.

Do wolfs eat deers?

Yes, gray wolves eat deer. In fact, deer are one of the main sources of prey for wolves. Caribou and elk, which are also prey for wolves, are large species of deer.

Are wolves prey to other animals?

The only predator of wolves are humans. I have killed my share of wolves, as their hides are quite expensive.