Who are you required to tell when you marry someone?


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Thanks to the two posters for picking up on this one and correcting me. I was experiencing an inactive brain cell day! LOL


Generally it's the parents of each couple, but there is nothing written in stone that you have to tell anyone. If you have both been married before and children are involved from a former marriage they certainly should be told.


Concerning legal issues, if the wife is going to use the husband's surname she must contact the Social Security Administration for a name change on her SS record and a new card bearing her new name. She should also have a driver license or state ID amended to show her married name if she chooses to use it for purpose of identification in matters such as obtaining credit.

Answer--Social Security, Dept. Motor Vehicles, possibly life insurance, mortgage company if you are paying on a home

--obviously you have to get a license issued in the county or country you plan on marrying in

--If you receive alimony from a previous spouse, they will be notified so as to stop the payments to you


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This is an opinion question. I'm my opinion, no. I don't feel that someone has the right to tell someone who to marry, especially if the bride is not totally interested in him.

Parents approval is required when girl wants to marry, and girl approval is also required when someone come ask her hand from her parents. However if she wants to marry someone but her parents didn't agree, then she and he can go to court and court will sign the marriage without parents approval because of their agreement.

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A K1 visa is a document that allows a person that is not from Canada to marry someone who is a citizen of Canada. It is required to enter the country and conduct the marriage. If the citizen is wanting to travel outside of Canada to marry someone a different visa is needed.

Well jus tell this girl we are to young to be talking about this and if she keeps doing it then sit her down and tell her i don't want to marry you but i still want to be friends or if she still doesn't stop talking about it then tell your Mum and Dad or someone who will do something about it.

You might be able to if the state you marry in says that 17 year olds are legally adults.

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You cannot marry someone who is already married, someone who is closely related to you by blood or (in some jurisdictions) someone who is of the same gender as you.

You can just say, "YOU CAN'T MARRY HIM!!!"

If you are just living with someone (common law) and you want to marry someone else then you can legally marry the other person.

Simple answer; you can't. She can marry whoever she wants. You can talk with her about why you don't want her to, tell her you love her, offer her an ultimatum that you will leave if she does this, but that's pretty much all you can do.

Yes, if you have parental consent, you can get married at 17. Be aware that in many states, if both parents have equal custody, then the signature of both is required.

If they have the required license, yes. If you meant can a mother marry her son then obviously, no.

You are not allowed to marry until you can spell it.


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