Who are you required to tell when you marry someone?

Thanks to the two posters for picking up on this one and correcting me. I was experiencing an inactive brain cell day! LOL


Generally it's the parents of each couple, but there is nothing written in stone that you have to tell anyone. If you have both been married before and children are involved from a former marriage they certainly should be told.


Concerning legal issues, if the wife is going to use the husband's surname she must contact the Social Security Administration for a name change on her SS record and a new card bearing her new name. She should also have a driver license or state ID amended to show her married name if she chooses to use it for purpose of identification in matters such as obtaining credit.


--Social Security, Dept. Motor Vehicles, possibly life insurance, mortgage company if you are paying on a home

--obviously you have to get a license issued in the county or country you plan on marrying in

--If you receive alimony from a previous spouse, they will be notified so as to stop the payments to you