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Lim Bo Seng was arrested by the Japanese, possibly betrayed by Lai Teck, the M.C.P. Secretary-General who was a double agent working for the Japanese too.

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Q: Who betrayed Lim Bo Seng?
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Who is lai teck?

He is the one who betrayed lim bo seng

What was Lim Bo Seng's Hobby?

The hobbies of Lim Bo Seng are not known. Lim Bo Seng is most known for being a resistance fighter.

What is lim bo seng qualities?

no qualities.

When did Lim Bo Seng die?


What are facts about Singapore war hero Lim Bo Seng?

Lim Bo Seng would leave the base to obtain food and medicine for his man

What makes Lim Bo Seng a war hero?

Lim Bo Seng was an anti-japanese resistance fighter during WW2 who fought in Malasia and Singapore .

Where did lim bo seng die?

in Singapore lah!

Is Lim bo seng courageous?

yes, of course!

What qualities does lim bo seng have?

He was reliable, caring and fearless

When did lim bo seng born?

On 27 April 1909

Lim bo seng?

to chua mei kei i love you ahhahaha

A great leader in Singapore who may not be a politician?

Lim Bo Seng

What date did lim bo seng die?

29 June 1944

Are there any non politicians who are great leaders in Singapore?

Lim Bo Seng.

Who are all the war heroes of Singapore?

Lim Bo sengAdnan bin Saidi

Why did Lim Bo Seng fight for Singapore?

Because he wants to be united although he is a Malaysian.

Lim Bo Seng's contribution?

Lim Bo Seng was an active contributor of the China Relief Fund. He was the Director of the Labor Service Department in the Singapore Chinese Mobilization Council.

Qualities of lim bo seng?

His qualities are:1)Reliable2)Caring3)Fearless

The qualities shown by lim bo seng?

He is a man.He is smart enough to become a strong person

When was Lim Seng Hoo born?

Lim Seng Hoo was born in 1956.

What is Lim Bo Seng remembered for?

He is remembered for his bravery, perseverance and not betraying the country during the World War 2 (WW2).

Who is the heroes of Singapore?

Lim Bo Seng, Lietenant Adnan Bin Saidi, Mrs Elizabeth Choy and Mr Halford Boudewyn

Why do people admire lim bo seng?

He was very brave, and only cared about the well being of others. he was also very selfless.

When did Robert Kho-Seng Lim die?

Robert Kho-Seng Lim died on 1969-07-08.

When was Robert Kho-Seng Lim born?

Robert Kho-Seng Lim was born on 1897-10-15.