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Who birthday is it to day?


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yes indeed your birthday is on a day of the year and if it is your birthday today, happy birthday!

his birthday on july the third

The pokemons birthday is the day you caught them. Your starter pokemons birthday is the day you started your adventure

A Birthday is a day when you celebrate the day you were invited to this world or you can say the day you were born

A birthday is the day you celebrate the day you where born. So your mom's birthday is her special day to celebrate her birthday! Celebrating her birthday might include presents, wine, family, meals out, friends or maybe a party!

My Birthday is that day.

If your age matches the day of your birthday, it's called a golden birthday. examples: If your birthday is May 20, (or any month on the 20th day) your 20th birthday is your golden birthday. If your birthay is April 11, or on the 11th day of any month, your 11th birthday is your golden birthday. If your birthday is on the first day of any of the 12 months, then your golden birthday is your first birthday.

South Australia's birthday is the same day as its Proclaimation Day. (Look that up) Its Proclaimation Day and its birthday is the 28th December, 1836.

You have your birthday each year on the date that you were born. On that day, you become one year older. You can celebrate on that day, or a convenient day that is near your actual birthday.

All animals have a birth day. as the day they were born is there birthday.

on Christmas day we celebrate Jesus Christ's birthday

Birthday became birthday because you are a year older on your BIRTH- DAY

The Devil doesn't have a birthday.

Your sister's birthday is the day she was born.

A feast day is a day of celebration of something. It does not have to be on the birthday of the person being celebrated.

A birthday girl is a female who is celebrating her birthday on a given day.

you should like your birthday because that was the day u where born and it is a day to sellabrate it.

I'm so sorry but there is not but if your birthday was on a Monday one year then Tuesday you can tell what day your birthday will be on the year after that

Domo's birthday is on February 21st. He was released on that day. He has no real birthday.

Your birthday is the anniversary of the day you were born. It is the same day of the year no matter how old you are.

my birthday!! veterans day!! my birthday!! veterans day!!

Your birthday will fall on a day of the week that depends entirely on what the date of your birth was.

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