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prophet Adam @ prophet Sulaiman @ prophet Ibrahim......


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Hello, There.Hope You Are Doing Well. God Bless You For Seeking Truth. Not Many Have This Quality.Here You Are, Mate. The Complete Facts For Truth. Believing Is Up To You My Dear Fellow. No Can Force You To Believe. It's A Choice You Have To Make~ May God Bless You With Understanding & Differentiating Truth From Falsehood.That, Masjidul Al Aqsa was the second Masjid on earth.That, it was built 40 years after the Ka'ba in Makkah.That, most scholars are of the opinion that Masjidul Al Aqsa was first built by Prophet Adam [as].That, Ibrahim [as] rebuilt the Masjidul Al Aqsa in Jerusalem as he and Ismail [as] rebuilt the Ka'ba in Makkah.That, Prophet Daud [as] began the rebuilding of Masjidul Al Aqsa.That, it was Prophet Sulayman [as] who finally completed the building of Masjidul Al Aqsa.That, Masjidul Al Aqsa built by Sulayman [as] was destroyed in 587 BC by Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon.That, the Jews call this same Masjidul Al Aqsa built by Sulayman [as] as their Temple.That, the Jews re-built their Temple on them same site in 167 BC but was destroyed in 70 AD and Jews banished from Jerusalem.That, the site of Masjidul Al Aqsa remained barren and was used as a rubbish tip for nearly 600 years until the Great Khalifah Umar bin Khattab liberated Jerusalem in 637/8 AD.That, the Khalifah Umar bin Khattab began the foundation of Masjidul Al Aqsa and a timber mosque was built.That, the Umayyad Khalifah, Abd' al Malik ibn Marwan in 691/2 [72/73 AH] began the construction of, Dome of the Rock - today this is the Golden Domed Mosque.That, the al Buraq wall or Western Wall where Prophet Muhammad [saas] tied his animal the Buraq on the night journey of al Isra is what the Jews call the wailing wall.That, to Muslims it is the land or the Haram Sharif area which is most holy and important.That, the Haram area of Al Aqsa has within it the Masjidul Al Aqsa [Black Domed Mosque] and Dome of the Rock [the Golden Domed Mosque].That, Israel occupied Masjidul Al Aqsa in 1967.That, the fundamentalist Jews have made 100's of attempts to destroy Al Aqsa since 1967 when they occupied it. A fire in 1967 started by their help destroyed the 900 year old Mimbar installed by Slaudeen Ayub, the Great Muslim Hero.That, the fundamentalist want to blow up and destroy Masjidul Al Aqsa and replace it with a Jewish Temple.Take Care~

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In the name Allah..., When Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) was offering Namaz-e-Zohar as a pesh Imam, when the Prophet was in the Ruku, Allah told to change qibla from Masjidul Aqsa to Masjidul Haram i.e. Khana-e-Qaba, Mecca.

masjid e aqsa was built in 705 CE in palestine by jacob,isaac's son

hazrat sulayman and her jinns

The Islamic al-Aqsa mosque was built on top of the Temple Mount - a Jewish holy place.

The al-Aqsa Mosque was at first a small prayer house built by the Rashidun caliph Umar. It was rebuilt and expanded by the Ummayad caliph Abd al-Malik and finished by his son al-Walid in 705 CE.

Prophet mohammed created a mosque name aqsa

The Al Aqsa Maszid mosque is located in Jerusalem, Israel.

Al-Aqsa University was created in 1992.

Al-Aqsa TV's motto is 'in Arabic'.

Masjid Aqsa is in Palestine, Al Qods, its the one near the other majsid called The Rock which most people think its the Masjid Aqsa, just for the records, Masjid Aqsa is the one the Messenger Mohamed PBUH, has prayed with all the Messengers.

No Al-Aqsa Mosque is Eastern Jerusalem in the Palestinian occupied territories.

it is located in Jerusalem. Masjid Al Aqsa is also very very sacred for the Muslims. The Jews and the Christians also consider it very sacred.

Al Aqsa and the Mosque of Omar are situated in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Honour killing of Aqsa Parvez was born on 1991-04-22.

Honour killing of Aqsa Parvez died on 2007-12-10.

The motto of Al-Aqsa TV is 'aenik a`ala el-watan'.

Masjidul kehba abudhabi masjid medina kurva palli city mosque

ANSWERAl-Aqsa, because it was built by a Prophet and Allah had taken Prophet Muhammad in a night to that mosque ( according to Quran) and he performed prayer

Masjid AQSA is considered third most important religious after masjid AL- HARAM MAKKAH and MASJID NABWI MADINA.MASJID AQSA was also the first qibla of muslims after masjid AL- AQSA was occupied by ISRAELS and whenever isreal wants it stops muslims from offering prayer in the MASJID AL- AQSA and ALLAH will protect it.

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Jacob, Isaac's son It was built by Hazrat Soloman (AS) on the orders of his father Hazrat David (AS). Even the Jins took part in its construction. It took 7 seven years to construct it. The Jins kept on constructing the Mosque thinking Hazrat Soloman (AS) alive and leaning against his stick while he had passed away. However, this Haikal-i-Sulaimani was demolished by invaders. The Jews claim that the Mosque has been built at the place of Haikal-i-Sulaimani. They have been trying to take hold of the Mosque since their occupation of Jeroshelam.

Answer: Well, the Temple Mount has always been the location where Jews worshipped. That means the Prophets of God (many of them) were there. So it is a holy site, mentioned as such (a holy site) by the Qur'an. The mosque built there is at one end of the courtyard - well away from where Solomon's Temple would be. The controversy is about the Dome of the Rock; which is not a mosque, itself. It would be interesting to see an Architectural design encorporating both, the Temple and Al-Aqsa Mosque, on the same site.

it is a holy mousce in jerrusallam

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