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Who built the biggest pyramid in Mexico?

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Mayans help built the biggest pyramids in Mexico

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Where is the biggest pyramid located?

the biggest pyramid is in mexico.

What is the biggest pyramid in the world?

A pyramid in Mexico.

When was the Pyramid of Cheops in Mexico built?

Such pyramid is in Egypt, and was built on 2560 BC.

Is the Great Pyramid famous?

Yes!!! It was the biggest pyramid built.

When was the largest pyramid built?

The largest pyramid is in Mexico, actually. Not Egypt!

What did Pharaoh Khufu do?

Built the biggest pyramidHe built the tallest pyramid ever and was the tallest structure in the world at that time.

The name of the biggest pyramid?

The biggest pyramid in the world is the Great Pyramid of Giza. Archeologists believe that it was built for Fourth Dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu and was completed in 2560 BC.xcool77

Whose pyramid is the biggest in world?

sorry but the the bigest is in Mexico its the pyramid cholulaEgyptThe pyramids in Giza Egypt

Why is the structure of the pyramid of Giza so unique?

Because of its vast size - it's the biggest pyramid ever built.

Which pyramid of Giza was built first?

the biggest one, the Great Pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu (reigned 2589-66BC)

When was the pyramid of Khafre built?

The Pyramid of Khafre was built during the years 2558 and 2532. It is the second biggest of the Giza pyramids to serve as the tomb of the Pharaoh Khafre.

When was the biggest pyramid built?

The Great Pyramid of Khufu was built between 2589 and 2569BC. Thousands toiled in the blazing sun over this period to build this monument to absolute power.

Why king Khufu is important?

he built the biggest pyramid in the world, located in Giza, Egypt

What was the biggest pyramid?

the biggest pyramid is the pyramid of the pharaoh Ramses the 2nd

What is the biggest egyptian pyramid?

the great pyramid is the biggest pyramid in egypt

When was the exact date that the Mayan pyramid in Mexico built?

Which one? There are literally thousands of them. If you mean the Temple of Kukulcan or great pyramid in Chichen Itza, it was built around the 12th century.

What is the difference between the Mastaba and the Great Pyramid of Giza?

The Great Pyramid in Giza ( Gee-za) was built for King Khufu To proceed into the after life. it is the biggest pyramid in Giza. Also it was one of the biggest buildings in the world from B.C. 500 to B.C. 100! but the difference was built for different kings (pharaohs)

How was the Kukulcan Pyramid in Mexico built?

check out this linkWhat_method_was_used_to_build_El_Castillo

How many years later than Egypt's first primad was the pyramid of the Sun in Mexico built?

The Pyramid of Giza was built on 2560 BC. Mexico's Pyramid of the Sun was built on 100 AD. There is a difference of more than 2600 years among both pyramids.

What was the name of the biggest pyramid?

the name of of the biggest pyramid was the Giza.

Pyramid built in steps?

djosers pyramid. He also built the bent pyramid

Where was red pyramid built?

The Red Pyramid was built at the Dahshur pyramid field.

When was the bent pyramid built?

When was the Bent pyramid built

What pyramids are in Mexico?

The Aztecs and Mayans, among others, built many pyramids in Mexico and Central America. The largest is the Great Pyramid of Cholula, built by the Aztecs during the period 200 BC to 1600 AD. In volume it is larger than the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

What is the name of the second biggest pyramid in eyjept?

what is the send biggest pyramid

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