Who built the sextant?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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John Hadley and Thomas Godfrey independently built the octant (which became the sextant later)

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Q: Who built the sextant?
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What can you find out about sextant?

you can find sextant on

What is the sextant used for?

you use a sextant to navigate.

How do you draw a sextant?

you draw a sextant by looking at googler in the images.

How do you use the word sextant in a sentence?

the sextant helped me navagate my way to alaska

Why sextant is named so?

as sextant consists a graduated circular arc that is of 60 degree so, arc forms one-sixth of a circle ,hence the name sextant

How many years sextant becomes a symbol of navigation?

how many years that the sextant become a symbol of navigation

What has the author A J Hughes written?

A. J. Hughes has written: 'The book of the sextant' -- subject(s): Sextant

What replaced the astrolabe?

The sextant

What has replaced the astrolabe?

The sextant

Did Columbus use a sextant?

Yes Christopher Columbus did use a sextant along with a compass, ampoletta, and a cross staff.

What instrument measures the horizon?

A sextant

How does a sextant work?

i guess planets