Who came up with the saying A person without a past has no future?

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Robert Anson Heinlein said, "A generation which ignores history has no past - and no future."

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What person came up with the name stalwart?

It is Middle English, an alteration of stalworth, from Old English stǣlwierthe which means serviceable and probably an alteration of statholwierthe meaning steadfast.

What is the past and future of will?

"WILL" is not a regular verb, it is a MODAL VERB (like CAN, SHOULD, MAY, WOULD), which means it functions a little differently and doesn't always have a "past" and "future" tense. WILL, as a modal verb, actually indicates future tense . I will go to the store tomorrow. She will call me when she's ( Full Answer )

If you came from the past and met somebody would you be in there past or future?

You would be in their past, present, and future: before the travel through time you are in their future, for they have not yet met you; during the event, you would be in their present, for it is happening to them at the current point in time; afterward, you would be in their past, for the event has ( Full Answer )

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Stop is neither future tense nor past tense. It's present tense. The future tense is will stop, and the past tense is stopped.

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The present tense expresses actions that are happening now. The past tense expresses actions that have already happened. The future tense expresses actions that are yet to happen.

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maybe android 17 came to the past of the future timeline which means when future android 17 came past android 17 must of came to the future becaese of baby dr.gero alternate so maybe that's the answer if it's not then i have no idea/ hop i helped

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ask people who may know, or try be subtle about it and ask an indirect question which may lead to her answering the question you really want:) be clever about it, lie if you have to (just dont get caught out) or you could just ask her straight up if she has a boyfriend:)!!!

Is saying a past r future?

Some sayings are old and some are dated. But most/all the sayings indicate the 'always true' actions. We can't say whether it is a past or future or present.

Who came up with the idea to mummify a person?

It was Elmo, from Sesame Street. He wrapped himself up in toilet paper in the Egyptian episode. With his genius idea, he created the idea to mummify a person. It was so creative that they gave Elmo the lead role as Sullivan in the Disney movie, Monsters Inc.

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it might mean he wants to get back together. maybe he's planning on breaking up with his current "person". as long as you still like him and he wasn't a jerk, maybe you should ask him what it means. if you don't want to do that, leave it alone and see what happens. good luck, sweetie!

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Came is the past tense of come. Future tenses for come are: will come -- I will come and see you tomorrow am/is/are going to come -- She is going to come home next week. am/is/are/ coming -- I am coming home soon.

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Like what I mean is I picked up a piece of concrete And placed it on my shelf at the edge of my bed And I woke without reason and saw it I was able to move So it wasn't sleep paralysis in fact I got under my Covers and fell asleep.