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I'm not a company, just a Turker. Assuming you mean health insurance, you can go to a site such as http://www.bcbs.com/ to get a group rate quote.

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Do you have to pay for a term life insurance quote?

You should not have to pay for a term life quote. An agent can talk to you and give you quotes for different policies, but you can also get quotes from such sources as insurance company websites or clearinghouses for insurance information.

How many quotes should one get to obtain the best rate for home insurance?

I always go with at least three quotes for insurance. It is very important to make sure you are comparing "apples to apples" when getting quotes from insurance companies. In other words, make sure you are covering the same possessions for the same amount of coverage for each company you talk to. Also, don't forget to ask about the deductible amount, which can effect your premium.

If the other persons car is damaged do you have to file a claim?

No, they will file a claim with their insurance company and their company will talk to your company. Assuming you swapped insurance details.

Is a water leak from a washer covered under homeowners insurance?

Probably not. But talk to your insurance company.

Do you think there are free life insurance quotes?

All life insurance companies give free quotes. Metlife, aflac, AARP, Mutual of Omaha, all give quotes, rates, and the easiest way to get a quote is to talk with a representative. Most life insurance agents will offer free advice, send you information at no additional charge to help you get the best life insurance coverage.

Best rates for term life insurance?

It varies from company to company on different amounts, your age, your health, your smoking status and other variables. Your best bet is to speak with a true "broker", talk about your particular situation and obtain a number of quotes vs the insurance company coverage and offerings. While one company quotes a lower price, the actual offer may be higher once you have applied so be careful. Don't forget to look into Waiver of Premum and Return of Premium.AnswerThe best rates for life insurance can only be found by shopping around for life insurance. Rates differ considerably from company to company and therefore the more you shop, the more likely you are to find the best policy at the most affordable price. Another crucial factor to consider is the financial integrity of the life insurance company. Choose a company with a good rating by A.M. Best.

Where can one get a quote for life insurance?

Life Insurance quotes can be found from many different sources, depending upon a person's preference. It is possible to get quotes over the internet, using price comparison websites or direct provider websites, or contact the company direct via the telephone. If the preferred method is to talk to someone face to face, then contact an Independent Financial Adviser who will arrange a meeting at home to talk through the options.

Where can I find a Christian health insurance company?

http://www.chministries.org/ is a great Christian Health care insurance company. Check it out, and talk to them about it. They will set you up with what you need.

I want to change my health plan. What are the options?

Is it a group health insurance? Talk to your employer or decide to buy it independently. If you want to buy from private companies, do your research. Ask questions and compare some online quotes.

What if my Health Insurance Does Not Cover A Planned Service?

In such a case talk to your insurance company regarding this and get clear what service are covered and what service does not cover. Also refer the insurance plan you buy from insurance company. May be there should be a way to file a grievance.

How do i reach a manager at usaa insurance company?

call usaa and ask to talk with a manager.

How do you go about filing an injury claim with your insurance?

It would definitely depend on your insurance company. My insurance company like me to call them when I need to file an insurance claim and then I talk to an agent who takes down the specifics. If you have a personal agent you would want to contact him or her.

Which is the best insurance for my truck?

All three of those companies are decent but the only way to determine which one would be great for you is to talk to their insurance agents and get quotes, then choose the best one for you and your situation.

What is the best company to use for dentist insurance?

The best company to use for dentist insurance is United Healthcare. You can read the list at business.highbeam.com/.../best-rating-notification-dentists-insurance-company - Blue Cross is the insurance company that I use for dental. They are very helpful and pay most of my dental bills as well as prescriptions and special procedures. They are a reputable company and easy to talk to and deal with.

What happens to life insurance if a company lays you off and you work at the company for thirteen years?

If the life insurance is part of a group life insurance policy, you will lose the benefits when employment stops. That's why it is recommended to get your personal life insurance policy, which you can take with you when you change jobs or in case of unemployment. It is never too late to get a new policy on your own. Talk to an experienced independent agent that can offer multiple options.

What insurance is needed to pick up and deliver other people's cars?

Liability insuranceTalk to any insurance agent, but I would think any business liability insurance would cover you. Actually, the owner's insurance would probably cover any liability to someone you hit with his car, and if he has full coverage, his damage too. However, that company will probably try to recover its payout from you. Try this site where you can compare quotes from different companies: USAINSURANCEQUOTES.NET

What should you do if a victim of a simple car accident claims injuries?

If a victim of a simple car accident claims injuries, it is best to talk to your insurance as soon as possible. Your insurance company will then require that the victim's insurance company provides proof of injury. If it is found that the victim is injured, your insurance company will instruct you on the next course of action.

If you have basic insurance someone is faulted by hitting your car what should be done?

You will need to make a report to both insurance companies. Even though you are not at fault your insurance company will still want to know. Unless the other party takes the blame right away and tells there insurance company that it was there fault then you do not need to tell your insurance. But I always recommend that you always talk to your insurance company about the accident.

Does travel insurance for people over 70 include medical expenses?

I'm pretty sure this depends on who is the insurance company, but most travel insurance policies will cover emergency medical expenses. For every day medical expenses, you will have to talk to your every day insurance company.

Where can one find youth quotes?

This depends on the reason a youth needs a quote. If looking for auto insurance, it's best to talk to an insurance agent or broker who can discuss how much premium a youth would pay.

Where can one find information on certain death benefits?

Death benefits really depend on the life insurance company. The best place to find information on death benefits is to visit and talk to a life insurance company, as they will talk about and mention all the important death benefits that may be important.

Where can you get an insurance quote?

You can get an insurance quote from almost every website that pops up when you type it into swag bucks. 90% of them are free too. You can also go into your insurance company if you have to talk to him, that's easier.

Can you get collision insurance with a $ 1000 deductible?

Insurance deductibles vary depending on your car type, age and driving record. You should talk to your insurance company or shop around to meet your target prices.

Should the letter B be capitized in the name Insurance Broker?

If Insurance Broker is a name, as in, the company that I work for is the Midwest Insurance Broker, then yes, you should capitalize it; if it is merely a description, as in, I am going to talk to my insurance broker, then no, do not capitalize it.

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