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SIDS Alliance: (800) 221-SIDS San Diego Guild for Infant Survival: (619) 222-9662 California SIDS program: (800) 369-SIDS SIDS Massachusetts Center: (617) 534-SIDS i am doing a reseach about sids and i have to have all differtant thing about itcan you send me paper about it please

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โˆ™ 2004-01-08 10:43:04
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Q: Who can you contact for more information about SIDS?
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Am looking for people who have survived or have a child who has survived sids?

If the information is publicly available contact your local health authority.

How many sids does a polygon?

Three or more

SIDS - resources?

Alternative NamesResources - SIDSInformationThe following organizations are good resources for information on SIDS:American SIDS Institute - www.sids.orgNational Sudden and Unexpected Infant/Child Death & Pregnancy Loss Resource Center - www.sidscenter.orgSee: Loss of a child - resources

How is SIDS treated?

SIDS can't be treated. SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. So if your child had SIDS that means your child is now dead. There are ways to prevent SIDS from occurring though.

How can you tell if your baby has SIDS or any signs of SIDS?

There are no signs to tell if your baby will pass to SIDS. SIDS is sudden & silent & unexpected. There is no way to tell until your baby is gone.

How many sids does a heptagon?

Not sure about sids, but it has 7 sides.

You are a polygon you have 5 sids and 2 right angels what am i?

Are you one of my sids?

In the acronym SIDS what does the you stand for?

SIDS is Sudden Infant Death Sydrome.

Can smoking cause SIDS?

Smoking doesn't cause SIDS. I lost a baby to SIDS in 2003 and I didn't smoke. There are remarks that it could be related but because no one knows what causes SIDS everyone just speculates.There is a strong correlation between parental smoking and SIDS.

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When toddlers die from SIDS do they have marks on their heads?

Toddlers do not die of SIDS. After six months of age, SIDS is extremely rare. The acronym SIDS stands for Sudden INFANT Death Syndrome. Toddlers do not die of SIDS. Marks anywhere on the body of a dead infant would be cause for a coroners examination and possible inquiry.

Is REM sleep deprivation associated with SIDS?

Is REM sleep deprivation associated with SIDS?

If you had a child die from SIDS can your granddaughter have the same problem?

No, SIDS is not a heredity or genetic disease.

What is the treatment for SIDS?

There is no treatment for SIDS, only identification of risk factors and preventive measures.

What is a SIDS event?

A SIDS event is when an infant dies for no apparent reason usually in their sleep.

Is SIDS caused by colds?

SIDS is not caused by colds. Many infants get their first runny nose around four months. A SIDS victim can die WITH a cold but not FROM a cold.

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