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That case was not closed.

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Q: Who closed the Jack the Ripper case?
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In what year did Jack the Ripper commit his murders?

1888 Most criminal historians agree that Jack The Ripper continued to kill after 1888. In the book by Patricia Cornwell Jack the Ripper Case Closed there is compelling proof that the Ripper crimes contiuned into the early 20th century.

How long after the last Jack The Ripper murder did the police officially stop looking?

The case was officially closed in 1895.

What was done about Jack the Ripper?

There was many investigations about the Jack the ripper case. Every thing was done about the Jack the ripper. In those times, Scotland yard did every thing in their hands to try to cath the ripper. There was a villigance team in the east and more attempts to cath Jack the ripper,

Where does the case of Jack the Ripper stand today?

Still unsolved.

When was the Jack The Ripper case closed?

Nope still a open case.Actually, the case was officially closed in 1892.//The case of Jack The Ripper is unresolved and officially considered an open case. As with any open criminal investigation the files are not accessable to the public. British law dictates that the unsolved Ripper crimes, although still an open case, after 75 years the files are opened. This ensures that more than likely the killer is long dead, as would be any family members of the victims that could suffer from such information being scutinized by the public.

How many suspects in the Jack the Ripper case were doctors?

2 were doctors

Where is Jack the Ripper's grave?

There isn't one. The case has never been solved.

Was Jack the Ripper ever in jail?

As 'Jack' was never identified that fact cannot be answered He was identified as Nathan Kaminsky, he was apprehended, the killings topped as soon as he was incarcerated, and he soon died of an STD. Case officially closed in England (quietly due to religious concerns) in 1992. //As of February 2011 the Jack The Ripper case is considered unsolved and remains open, according to Scotland Yard.

Who was worse Jack the Ripper or Charles Manson?

jack the ripper was worse.

Was Dr. Bernardo Jack the Ripper?

Nobody knows who Jack the Ripper was.

How did police catch Jack The Ripper?

Jack The Ripper was never caught.

Is Jack the ripper a vampire?

No. Jack the Ripper was just a serial killer.

How many years since the Jack the Ripper case?

There is some discrepancy about when the Ripper murders began and ended. That being said, it is safe to say that the Ripper began his killing in the year 1888. If that is the case then it has been 126 years.

What actors and actresses appeared in Jack the Ripper - 2013?

The cast of Jack the Ripper - 2013 includes: James Hayward Brinkley as Jack the Ripper

Why is Bill O'reily Jack the Ripper?

He's not. Jack The Ripper was never identified.

Are there three people that are Jack the Ripper?

No one was never apprehended as the Jack the ripper.

Where did Jack the Ripper murder?

jack the ripper made his crimes in whitechapel London

How do you get unlimited jack the ripper?

toon into casebook jack the ripper and you will get a lot of information.

Physical evidence in Jack the Ripper murder?

The physical evidence in the Jack case, was evidence within the victims not a evidence surfaced against Jack the ripper since he was not aprended. Prostitutes were slashed and bloody letters were sent to the police.

Was Jack the Ripper caught?

Jack the Ripper was never found.

Did Jack The Ripper work alone?

There is no evidence that Jack The Ripper had an acomplice. Killers like the Ripper usually work alone.

Was Jack the Ripper a myth created by the media?

Jack the ripper according to records he existed

Is Jack the Ripper in prison?

Jack the ripper is dead his identity remains unknown to this day.

What did Jack the Ripper do to Annie Chapman?

At the age of 48, she was mutilated and murdered by Jack the Ripper.

What sort of women did Jack the Ripper kill?

Jack the ripper only killed prostitutes