Who colonized Hawaii?

The United States colonized Hawaii officially in 1898 when President McKinley had a treaty of annexation signed that made Hawaii a territory of the US. :)

There is no treaty of annexation for Hawaii; Hawaii technically isn't suppose to be part of the U.S.

NO ONE colonized Hawai'i. A country can only colonize territories that are not self-governing. The British colonized the east coast of North America, which later became the U.S. The 13 original colonies were non self-governing territories before they were "colonized". Hawai'i had achieved it's independence in 1843, becoming the first non-European/non European-originating country to be recognized as a sovereign state. Because Hawai'i was indeed self-governing, it could NOT be colonized because it already had a recognized government. And there is NO treaty of annexation. The treaty submitted to the U.S. senate in 1887 failed due to political activism. Hawai'i was never legally annexed to the U.S.