North Korea

Who colonized North Korea?

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Jizi (Gija) from Zhou dynasty ruled Korean peninsula first at 11th century BCE, after that, Emperor Wu of Han conquered Korean peninsula and established commandery called Lelang in Pyongyang in 108 BC. Korea was also conquered by Mongolian and governed by Yuan Dynasty. Korea was part of China until became totally independent from mainland China after 1895.

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Was North Korea colonized and if so by whom?

They got colonized by UK

Who colonized South Korea?

Japan once colonized South Korea, 1910-1945.

Who ruled Korea before japan?

Korea was individual country. No one colonized or ruled Korea before Japan.

Differences between north Korea and south Korea?

North Korea is not a free country but South Korea is.

Did Truman attack North Korea or did North Korea attack us?

North Korea attacked South Korea.

Who has a communist government North Korea or South Korea?

north Korea

What is South Korea north of?

North Korea.... -_-

Which region is North Korea in?

North Korea is located north of South Korea in East Asia.

Which southeast Asian country is divided into a North and a South?

North and South KoreaKorea in divided into north and southNorth KoreaSouth Korea

What did North Korea do to South Korea?

North Korea attacked South Korea in the Korean war and Korea has been separated in 2 countries from then! North Korea is a Communist, and South Korea is a anti-communist like North America.

What happened to Korea during the Age of Imperialism?

It got colonized by Japan.

The governmants of North Korea and South Korea?

North Korea- Communist South Korea- Presidental

Did North Korea invade South Korea?

Yes North Korea did Invade Sout Korea

Who is communist north Korea or south Korea?

North Korea is Communist and South Korea is Capitalist

What nation shares a border with North Korea besides South Korea?

China and Russia border North Korea to the north while South Korea borders North Korea to the south. Russia's border with North Korea is on the far north east tip and is very small. China's border with North Korea is the largest of the North Korean borders.

Which is stronger north or South Korea?

Maybe North But South Korea Is Too I Think North Korea

What region is North Korea in?

North Korea is located in North Asia

On which continent are North Korea and South Korea located?

Korea, both North Korea and South Korea, are a part of Asia.

How did north Korea get its name?

It is north of South Korea.

Continent of North Korea?

North Korea is in Asia

Is Kaesong in north or South Korea?

North Korea

Is North Korea a state?

No, North Korea is a country.

What are deserts in North Korea?

There are no deserts in North Korea.

Why North Korea does not accept southe Korea why why why?

North Korea wants to reunify Korea as a communist state.

Is Korea DPR North Korea or South Korea?

DPR=Democratic Peoples Republic=NORTH Korea

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