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Who commanded the US force in Europe during World War 2?


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Dwight D. Eisenhower was the commander of forces in Europe during WWII

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Herman GoringHermann Göring commanded the German air force.

Industrialization, political strength and military strength made Europe a dominant force in world events during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The American Expeditionary Force was the US Army in Europe during World War 1.

The strongest civilizing force in Europe during the early Middle Ages was the Church.

It was the day the Allied forces started landing in force back in Europe.

The American armed forces sent to Europe for World War 1 was called the American Expeditionary Force (AEF). It was commanded by Major General John J. 'Black Jack' Pershing.

General Robert E. Lee commanded the entire confederate force during the American Civil War. At least he did in 1865. Before that he commanded the Army of North Virginia.

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Because Hitler decided to take Europe by force.

Germany, which was Fascist at the time and ruled by Adolf Hitler, who made the country also Nazi, played the part as the main Axis force in Europe during World War Two.

The Royal Air Force did not exist during WW1 .

Hannibal commanded the expeditionary force in Italy, and was recalled to defend the homeland when Roman general Scipio invaded North Africa. There were other commanders in Spain, North Africa and Sicily.

In 1777 aka The American Revolutionary war Battle of Saratoga Major General John Burgoyne commanded the British and German force. Major General Horatio Gates and Brigadier Benedict Arnold commanded the American army force. This was not a battle in WW2.

He commanded the British Expeditionary Force from 1915 to the end of the war. He was commander during the Battle of the Somme, the battle with the highest casualties in British military history, the Third Battle of Ypres and the Hundred Days Offensive, which led to the German surrender in 1918.

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