Who commissioned psyche and cupids kiss?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: Who commissioned psyche and cupids kiss?
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Who is cupids wife in greek mythology?


Who was Cupids wife?

Cupid, or Eros in Greek "mythology", wife's name was, or is Psyche.

Who is cupids wife?

Cupid, or Eros in Greek Mythology, wife's name was, or is, Psyche.

Who is cupids children?

Voluptas, his daughter by Psyche in Roman myth.

Who are cupids kids?

His daughter is Voluptas, by Psyche in Roman myth.

What color are cupids eyes and hair?

Cupids eyes are a sort of dark turquoise and his hair is a golden blond colour. Psyche Cupids soul mate's hair is a light brown and her eyes are an ice blue. Voluptas is Cupids daughter and she has the same golden blond hair colour as Cupid ,eyes are ice blue like Psyche's.

Why did cupids mother want psyche to die?

She was the most beautiful mortal in the world.

What goddess of love is cupids son?

The son of Venus is Cupid, Cupid's daughter with Psyche is Voluptas or Volupta.

What was cupids child's name?

Cupid and Psyche had one child, a daughter named Voluptas (Hedone in Greek) who was the personification of Pleasure.

How did psyche become cupids wife?

Psyche was marked for death by Venus because she was so beautiful, the people in her village offered to worship her instead of the goddess of Beauty. She sent her son, Cupid, to do the task, but when he saw her, he fell in love with her.

What is the collective noun for cupids?

There is no specific collective noun for cupids, in which case a noun suitable for the situation is used, for example a pair of cupids, a group of cupids, a company of cupids, etc.

What is Cupids's population?

The population of Cupids is 790.