Cupid (Eros)

The son of Venus, Cupid was the Roman god of romantic love. His Greek equivalent is Eros. There are many exploits associated with Cupid throughout mythology, but the most popular is his relationship with Psyche. In modern culture, Cupid is heavily associated with Valentine's Day, although usually in a diapered baby form.

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Cupid (Eros)

Why does cupid have an arrow in his back?

Cupid (Eros) does not have an arrow IN in his back but he carries golden arrows to shoot peole with so they fall in love with the first person the see.

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Cupid (Eros)

Where in the Bible is the word eros?

There are four words in the Greek language, in which the new testament was written, which refer to a type of love. The word eros refers to sexual attraction. Eros, however, is never used in the Bible.

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Cupid (Eros)

What is the name of cupid in ancient Greece?


Cupid (Eros)

What warning did cupid give psyche?

Cupid warned her solemnly not to be persuaded by anyone to try to see him, on pain of being separated from him forever.

Cupid (Eros)

What does Eros wear?

Not much - usually nothing at all.

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Cupid (Eros)

Who did eros help or punish?

If you are talking about Eros, the roman god, (otherwise known as cupid), he helps Aphrodite, goddess of love in Greek myths ( Venus is her roman name), and she is also Eros's mom. So usually, he just shoots his bow to make people fall in love. But, when Aphrodite calls him, he helps her in whatever way he can. He punishes mortals who do not act right. There was a man that was ignoring all the girls in the world, and the girls followed him because he was handsome (I forgot his name). As a punishment, Hera, queen of the heavens, told Eros to make the man fall in love with his own reflection. Stunned by his beauty, he stared into a lake, not eating or drinking. He eventually died. Oh yeh, his name was Narcissus (nar-sis-iss). But, that is only one version of the story.c So yeah, Eros does help and punish.

Cupid (Eros)

Who was the original cupid?

:3 Cupid was and is the only cupid

Cupid (Eros)

What does Cupid hold?

Bow and arrows. Or, sometimes, a flaming torch.

Cupid (Eros)

How did cupid get his wings?

got them from the boobs of Hestia

Cupid (Eros)

What is the summary of cupid and psyche?

Aphrodite hated Psyche for her beauty. She sent Eros (greek version of cupid) to make her fall in love with and ugly dude. Eros accidently hit himself with an arrow and fell in love with her. He hides her from aphrodite and eventually she lets the two marry. THE END

Cupid (Eros)

What does the phrase Cupid's dart mean?

Cupid's dart makes people fall in love.

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Cupid (Eros)

Was Eros the brother of Artemis and Apollo?

No. Eros is usually the son of Aphrodite; Artemis and Apollo are the twin children of Zeus and Leto.

Cupid (Eros)

Is the cupid a mythological creature?

Cupid was the Roman god of love and desire. A cupid is usually a representation (sculpture, painting, etc.) of this god.

Cupid (Eros)

How did cupid become related with Valentine's Day?

He was the god of love. As Valentine's Day is a holiday about love, it was appropriate.

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Cupid (Eros)

When was Eros Ramazzotti born?

Eros Ramazzotti was born on October 28, 1963.

Cupid (Eros)

What is the symbolism of a cupid tattoo?

Cupid symbolizes love, perhaps the person is looking for true love, or has found it and so wants to tell the world of his fortune.

Cupid (Eros)

Who originally sang Cupid's Choke hold?

isn't Supertramp?

Cupid (Eros)

Who is cupid and why is he used to represent valentine's?

Cupid is the son of Aphrodite, goddess of love. In Greek mythology, he flew around, shooting mortals with love arrows, thus spreading love and happiness.

Cupid (Eros)

Will there be a Monster High cupid doll?

Yes, There is one in tescos argos and asdas happy shopping.

Cupid (Eros)

What does cupid zombie do on zombie farm?

You can only get it on valentine's day with a valentine's gift. It shoots arrows at your zombies in an invasion to heal them.

Cupid (Eros)

Who was the mother of Eros and the goddess of love?

The mother of Eros and the goddess of love was Aphrodite. Her Roman name was Venus.

Cupid (Eros)

Who sang cupid?

Sam Cooke (1961) The Spinners (1980) Kyla Sara Evans Johnny Nash 112 Jack Johnson

Cupid (Eros)

What are some character traits of Eros?


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Cupid (Eros)

Is the Greek word Eros used in the Greek new testament?


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Cupid (Eros)

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