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Who conquered China in the Middle Ages?

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Ghenghis Khan conquered China and established the Chinese Yuan Dynasty. Ghenghis Khan became an emperor in the Chinese tradition and established a court at Peking.

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Which region was not conquered by the Vikings at some point in the Middle Ages?

China, South America.

What government did China have in the Middle Ages?

The government form in China in the middle ages was Dynasties. They were NOT successful.

What do the china in the Middle Ages believe?

the middle mean for the middle age

What was a relic in the middle ages?

a china man

During the Middle Ages which city was conquered by Christians to remove Muslims?


What region was not conquered by the vikings at some point in the Middle-Ages?

There were many regions not conquered by the Vikings at some point during the Middle-Ages, they include, but are not limited to:ItalyJerusalemMeccaAcreAleppoDamascusConstantinopleGranadaAmazoniaPatagonia

Where and when did the code of chivalry start?

middle ages in china

When was the city of rome conquered by foreign invaders?

It was never conquered. It was sacked several times, both in the late empire and in the middle ages

When did the Middle Ages of China begin?

The Middle Ages in China, as with every country, began in the 5th century, and lasted until the 15th century. It is also referred to as the Medieval period.

What did the european sailors call china?

In the middle ages Europeans called China 'Cathay'.

What religious ideas influenced china in the middle ages?


What was China like in the middle ages?

It had a feudal system of its own

China reached its greatest height during the?

middle ages

In which country was the first rocket made?

In China. In Middle ages.

What was the main ruler of China in the middle ages?

the centimetre ruler

Are characteristics of England in the Middle Ages?

In the Middle Ages, parts of England were ruled by Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, and parts of it were under Danish rule. William of Normandy conquered England in 1066.

Who used catapults in the middle ages?

if they were invented, every buddy, or China.

What civilization first invented gunpowder?

China During The Middle Ages

What is the difference between the middle ages and the Zhou dynasty?

The middle ages refers to a period in European history, whereas the Zhou dynasty was a autocracy in China

Why was feudalism the main political system in the middle ages?

Feudalism was the main political system in the middle ages because when William the Conqueror of Normandy conquered England, he established feudalism, there, the idea spread.

Who conquered Ancient China?

gara conquered ancient china.

What was the importance of trade in middle ages?

In middle ages people used to trade across silicon way. With India and china. Very important to sustain life.

When did the great war take place?

It's my opinion but in the middle ages of china

What was imported to Europe from the east in the middle ages?

Spices and silk an porcelain/china

What mongol leader conquered China?

Khubilai Khaan conquered China.