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Slaves and maybe metics

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Q: Who could not vote in Athens?
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Who could vote in Athens Greece?

Only the male citizens of Athens could vote.

Could foreigners vote in ancient Athens?

Foreigners were not allowed to vote in ancient Athens.

Who can vote for laws in Athens?

men could vote but women could not

Why did the Athens and Greece could not vote?

athens was not true democracy

Who was allowed to vote about laws in Athens?

only men could vote, women could not.

Who could vote in athens?

Rich men.

Could women vote in democratic Athens?


Who was not allowed to vote in Athens?

Only citizen had this right,and only Athens men could be citizen

Who could vote in the assembly of Athens?

Adult males who were citizens.

Why did some of the people of Athens not have the right to vote?

Because only male could vote back then

What percent of adult male citizens could vote in the assembly?

All adult male citizens could vote, but they had to be born in Athens.

Could slaves vote in Athens?

No, they weren't even considered citizens.

Were mentics allowed to vote in ancient Athens?

No mentics weren't aloud to vote but could influence citizens voting

Who can elect representatives in Athens?

Any male citizen. No women could vote.

Could the male citizens of Athens vote?

only rich adult males

Who was and was not allowed to vote in Athens?

woman,slaves and immagrantys were not allowed to vote in ancient Athens

Did Sparta have two kings or Athens?

im pretty sure Sparta did but i don't know about Athens i know people in Athens could vote but i remember looking it up and Athens did still have kings take it from me the ATHENS GEEK!

What parts of Athens democracy might be considered unfair today?

Women could not vote. Also, only men 18 and older could vote. Plus they couldn't be slaves

What couldn't the women do in Athens?

the women in athens couldn't vote

How is ancient Athens democracy different from todays democracy in the US?

In athens democracy, only men could vote and 500 people as jury. In united states democracy, any body can vote and 12 people in jury.

How did citizens vote sometimes vote in athens?

at the court house

Why couldn't women vote in Athens?

Woman couldnt vote in Athens because, only people with land can vote. Woman couldnt own land, thus, not being allowed to vote :)

Who was and wasn't allowed to vote and not vote in the democracy vote in Athens?

Men were and women weren't

Who would vote in ancient Athens?

only males that were citizens of athens

How old do you have to be to vote in ancient Athens Greece?

no one can vote anywhere