Chemical Energy

Who created chemical energy?

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Nobody.Chemical energy was always there,but just humans now realise it. Energy cannot be created or destroyed,but can be changed from 1 form to the next.

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Is chemical energy created by burning fuels?

Chemical energy is not created by burning. Chemical energy is already present just converted into heat/light energy by burning.

How is chemical energy created from a lemon?

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. A lemon contains chemical energy in the form of the chemical bonds stored in the molecules that make that lemon up. You can utilize the energy in a lemon (or any other thing containing chemical bonds) by causing it to undergo a chemical reaction.

Is chemical energy a form of nuclear energy?

No, it's not. Chemical energy is a form of movement created from breaking down the molecules, while nuclear energy is created from breaking the internal bonds of an atom.

What creates chemical energy?

The law of conservation of mass or matter states that chemical energy cannot be created or destroyed

What kind of energy is created when you strike a match?

it is a chemical change but the kind of energy created is heat and light

Is energy created when atoms are destroyed in a chemical reaction?

Atoms are NOT created or destroyed in a chemical change. Only in nuclear changes. In nuclear changes when atoms (mass) is destroyed then energy is created.

What is the name of the energy that is created by the mitochondria?

Mitochondria produce chemical energy, in the form of Adenosine triphosphate or ATP.

What type of energy is ethanol?

Chemical energy.Chemical energy.Chemical energy.Chemical energy.

What kind of energy is petrol?

Chemical energy.Chemical energy.Chemical energy.Chemical energy.

What type of energy is contained in a battery?

Chemical energy.Chemical energy.Chemical energy.Chemical energy.

How is heat created in a chemical reaction?

It is created from bonds cracking.Each bond has large energy,when it cracks, releases its energy.

How does law of conservation of energy applie when a log contains chemical energy?

burn the log and some of the 'chemical energy' is released as 'heat energy' No energy is created and no energy is destroyed. Energy just changed forms.

Fuels contains a store of energy called....?

Chemical energy.Chemical energy.Chemical energy.Chemical energy.

In any physical or chemical process energy is neither created nor destroyed?

Energy is not destroyed or created but only transformed.

Is nuclear energy created by photosynthesis?

No. Photosynthesis is chemical, not nuclear.

What is gained or lost in chemical bonds?

Energy is absorbed or released when chemical bonds are created or broken.

If energy is not created or destroyed what happens to the light and heat of the flashlight?

energy cannot be created. Instead it changes forms of energy. the energy of a battery is chemical energy. the chemical energy from the battery changes to to electric energy when you turn it on. Then it changes again into heat and light energy. That energy will go on and change into some other kind of energy and so on forever.

Potential energy stored in a battery?

a.k.a. chemical energy.a.k.a. chemical energy.a.k.a. chemical energy.a.k.a. chemical energy.

How is energy involved in piysical and chemical change?

Energy can be absorbed or released in a chemical or physical change, it is not destroyed or created. It simply assumes a different form.

What does chemical energy?

chemical energy is energy stored in chemical bonds.

What is the product of photosyntheseis?

well light goes in and chemical energy is created

Is the energy stored in food heat energy?

No, energy stored in food is chemical energy.No, energy stored in food is chemical energy.No, energy stored in food is chemical energy.No, energy stored in food is chemical energy.

How is potential energy created in a chemical cell?

potential energy is created by separating charges with chemical reactions so that one terminal is negatively charged, while the other terminal becomes positively charged.

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