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The Greek army on the beach outside of Troy. It was conceived by Obysessus.

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Which city was the Trojan Horse in?

The Trojan horse was pulled into Troy, hence 'Trojan'.

Where did the word Trojan come from?

A Trojan is a person of Troy, as in Helen of Troy who led the Trojans to war in a (Trojan) horse

What celebrations did Troy have when the Trojan Horse was wheeled in?

Well in the movie " Troy" They take the Trojan horse to the temple of poseidon (he was sea and horse lord) and they do this dance thingy

Who invented Trojan horse?

The Greeks first used the Trojan horse to raze the city of Troy

Why was the Trojan Horse useful?

The Trojan Horse was a very successful distraction to allow the Greeks to infiltrate the town of Troy. The Trojan Horse was used during the Trojan war.

Why was the Trojan horse hollow?

The Trojan horse was hollow because it was full of soldiers sneaking into the city of Troy.

How did the Greeks get inside troy?

By using the Trojan Horse.

What is a Greek landmark?

Troy, where the Trojan horse was made.

What is a Trojan horse and what can it do?

In greek mythology the Trojan horse was used in the time of the trojan war . It was used for the Greeks to hide in ,so that they can rule over troy.

How are Trojan horses Greek?

the Trojan horse was a giant wooden hollow horse the Greeks used to hide soldiers in and to attack troy the Trojan symbol was a horse and they thought it was a gift

What does a Trojan horse look like?

The Trojan Horse was a gigantic wooden horse with a hole in its stomach so Greek soldiers could get out to concer Troy.

How did the Greeks destroy the city of Troy?

A trick in the "Trojan Horse".

How does troy die?

Troy "died" from being defeated by another army. this was done with the help of the Trojan horse. which was a big wooden horse that solders hid inside and defeated troy. (the Trojan horse was crated by Greek warriors and Odysseus came up with the idea.)

What are some adjectives for a war horse?

the only one i know is Trojan horse from troy.

When was Creationism's Trojan Horse created?

Creationism's Trojan Horse was created on 2004-01-08.

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