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Lord Robert Baden-Powell started the Scouting Movement in 1908 in the United Kingdom. He felt that girls should have their own organization, so Robert Baden-Powell chose the name "Girl Guides" and thought that an organization for girls should be run by women so he asked his elder sister, Agnes, to help and, in 1910, the Girl Guide movement was formally founded.

Various countries, including the USA, have chosen the term "Girl Scout".

The first Girl Scout troop in the United States was started by Juliette Gordon Low.

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When was Girl Scout cookie created?

Girl Scout cookie was created in 1917.

When was Vietnamese Girl Scout Association created?

Vietnamese Girl Scout Association was created in 1957.

When was Girl Scout Association of Mongolia created?

Girl Scout Association of Mongolia was created in 1996.

When you first start Girl Scouts what are you called?

Girl Scout! All levels are known as Girl Scouts along with a name for the Girl Scout level which goes with your grade level. The grade you are in when you first start Girl Scouts determines the name of the level you are known by: Girl Scout Daisy: Kindergarten and First Grade Girl Scout Brownie: Second and Third Grade Girl Scout Junior: Fourth and Fifth Grade Girl Scout Cadette: Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade Girl Scout Senior: Ninth and Tenth Grade Girl Scout Ambassador: Eleventh and Twelfth Grade

Where were Girl Scout cookies founded?

Girl Scout cookies were not "founded".The first Girl Scout troop known to have sold Girl Scout cookies was the Mistletoe Troop of Muskogee, Oklahoma in 1917.

Did Helen Keller lead the first Girl Scout troop?

No. Juliette Gordon Low lead the first Girl Scout troop in America.

How do you sign up for Girl Scout camp without being a Girl Scout?

First, you sign up to be a Girl Scout. Then you are ready to sign up for Girl Scout camp! In addition: Some Girl Scout councils offer girls a chance to attend Girl Scout camp by including the membership registration fee as part of the camp fee. So, even if you are not a Girl Scout, by signing up to attend Girl Scout camp you become a member of Girl Scouts.

Are Girl Scout levels by grade or age?

Girl Scouts of the USA uses a grade level system, so Girl Scout Daisy is grade level Kindergarten and First Grade. Girl Scout Brownie is grade 2 and 3, Girl Scout Junior is Grade 4 and 5, Girl Scout Cadette is grade 6, 7, and 8, Girl Scout Senior is grade 9 and 10 and Girl Scout Ambassador is grade 11 and 12. Other Girl Guide and Girl Scout organizations determine the scout level by age.

What is the web address of the Girl Scout First Headquarters Building in Savannah Georgia?

The web address of the Girl Scout First Headquarters Building is:

When was the first Girl Scout meeting held in the US?

Juliette Gordon Lowe held the first Girl Scout meeting in America on March 12, 1912.

Who was the first black Girl Scout?

The first African American Girl Scout troop was formed in 1917. However, no other information is available about the troop or its members.

Was Danica Patrick a Brownie or Girl Scout?

First of all, a Brownie is a Girl Scout. A Girl Scout Brownie is just one of several Girl Scout levels. Yes, Danica Patrick was a former member of Girl Scouts of the USA although there is no specific information regarding which levels of Girl Scouting.

What was the first Girl Scout cookie called?

The very first girl scout cookie was called just that. Girl Scout Cookies and they were nothing more than sugar cookies. The official Girl Scout page has more info if you need it. Hope this helps!

What are good questions for Girl Scouts for the kids?

It depends on who is asking the questions and why they are asking questions. If you are asking about becoming a Girl Scout: What activities do Girl Scouts do? How much does it cost to be a Girl Scout? What badges do Girl Scouts earn? When are the troop meetings? What Girl Scout level would I be? What is the Girl Scout uniform like? If you are going to be asking a Girl Scout questions about Girl Scouting: Who founded Girl Scouts? When did the first girl scout troop form? Why did you want to become a girl scout? Why do Girl Scouts sell cookies? If you are a Girl Scout and will be questioning the children: Who was Juliette Gordon Low? Who started Scouting? What do you want to know about Girl Scouts?

Was the first girl scout uniform blue or khaki color?

It was blue. The first khaki uniform was introduced in 1914, 2 years after the Girl Scout program started.

What is the phone number of the Girl Scout First Headquarters Building in Savannah Georgia?

The phone number of the Girl Scout First Headquarters Building is: 912-232-8200.

What did Girl Scouts sell before cookies?

Cookies were the beginning of Girl Scout sales. Cookie sales started in 1917 as a way for Girl Scout troops to finance their activities. In 1933, one Girl Scout council, the Greater Philadelphia Council, became the first Girl Scout council to sell commercially baked cookies and Girl Scout continue that tradition today.

What is the equivalent of Eagle Scout for Girl Scouts?

The highest award a Girl Scout member of Girl Scouts of the USA can earn is the Girl Scout Gold Award. The Girl Scout must be a Girl Scout Senior or Girl Scout Ambassador in order to work on the 7 steps required to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award.

What is your role as a Girl Scout?

Your role as a Girl Scout it to follow the Girl Scout Promise, live by the Girl Scout Law, pay your national membership dues, and participate in Girl Scout program and activities.

What is the Philippines Girl Scout Law?

Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP)Ang Batas ng Girl Scout1 Ang Girl Scout ay mapagkakatiwalaan.2 Ang Girl Scout ay matapat.3 Ang Girl Scout ay matulungin.4 Ang Girl Scout ay kaibigan ng lahat at kapatid ng bawat Girl Scout.5 Ang Girl Scout ay mapitagan.6 Ang Girl Scout ay magalang sa lahat ng may buhay.7 Ang Girl Scout ay disiplinado.8 Ang Girl Scout ay may sariling paninindigan.9 Ang Girl Scout ay matipid.10 Ang Girl Scout ay malinis sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa.Girl Scout Law1 A Girl Scout's honour is to be trusted.2 A Girl Scout is loyal.3 A Girl Scout is helpful.4 A Girl Scout is a friend to all and a sister to every other Girl Scout.5 A Girl Scout is courteous.6 A Girl Scout respects living things.7 A Girl Scout is disciplined.8 A Girl Scout is self-reliant.9 A Girl Scout is thrifty.10 A Girl Scout is clean in thought, word and deed.

Should Brownie be capitalized when referring to a Girl Scout?

Yes, and so should "Girl Scout". In addition: Girl Scout Brownie is a proper noun because it names a specific level of Girl Scouting, so yes, Brownie should be capitalized whenever referring to a Girl Scout Brownie. Note: GSUSA changed the level names so that "Girl Scout" always comes first, so "Girl Scout Brownie" is the correct usage.

Where is the Girl Scout First Headquarters Building in Savannah Georgia located?

The address of the Girl Scout First Headquarters Building is: 330 Drayton St., Savannah, GA 31401

Is girl scout leader capitalized?

Only the Girl Scout is capitalized. It should be Girl Scout leader.

What is the meaning of Girl Scout friendship?

Part of being a Girl Scout or a Girl Guide is to be friendly and to be a sister to every Girl Scout. So the meaning of Girl Scout friendship is to be a friend!

What is the opposite gender of a BOY SCOUT?

girl scout...