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Who dances with who at a wedding?

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The Bride and Groom have the first dance. Then the Maid of Honor will dance with the Best Man. the Bridesmaids with the Ushers and the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer (if there is one) dance together. After that the father usually will have a dance with his daughter, and the mother of the Bride will dance with the groom. Then the Father-in-law dances with the bride and the mother-in-law dances with her son.

  • Bride & Groom dance (alone)
  • Parents will dance with the Bride and Groom and at this time the Maid of Honor, Best Man, Bridesmaids and Ushers will join in and guests are welcome to join them after that.
  • If requested, the daughter may want one dance with her father.
2007-06-22 09:13:14
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Q: Who dances with who at a wedding?
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The traditional wedding dance in the Philippines is the money dance. In the dance, the couples dances with money pinned on them.

Where can one learn different wedding dances?

To learn different wedding dances you can take dance lessons, talk to a wedding coordinator, read a wedding planning book or watch tutorials on YouTube.

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What are the elements of Philippine folkdances?

B. Nature1. Occupational dances - depict actions of a labor of a specific occupation, industry or human labor2. Religious Ceremonial dances - dances with religious vows and ceremonies3. Comic dances - depict funny movements intended for entertainment4. Game dances - done with play elements5. Wedding dances - performed during wedding feasts6. Courtship dances - depict the art of courtship or dances with love themes7. Festival dances - suitable for special occasions or any social gathering8. War dances - show imaginary combat or duel

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What does money dance mean in a wedding?

When someone dances and ppl throw money at them

Geography and nature of folk dances?

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it is played on Japanese holidays, dances, and at a Japanese wedding

What happens during a Venda wedding ceremony?

During a Venda wedding ceremony those in the wedding wear traditional Venda clothing. Venda dances are also performed during the ceremony.

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What are the music and dances in Romblon?

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Does Jacob show up for Bellas wedding?

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Indian Wedding DJ?

A quality Indian wedding DJ will help couples and their guests celebrate with traditional music and dances. When culture is of the utmost importance, make sure you enlist the services of a skilled Indian wedding DJ.

What does a non Hindu do at Hindu wedding?

Joins the fun, dances, sits, enjoys, eats, drinks, and in the end gives his/her good wishes to the couple. The normal things that happen at a wedding.

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When does the father and daughter song play at the wedding?

At anytime it does not matter most people do the father daughter dances after the bride and groom have their dance

Do Jews have wedding dances?

Yes. The hora is one of them, but Orthodox men and women dance separately, while the other denominations can dance together.

What are the classifications of folk dances and give examples?

Folk dances are classified into five types. They are festival dances, courtship dances, religious and ceremonial dances, occupational dances and national and regional dances.

What are Jewish wedding dances?

You're most likely thinking about the 'hora' the circle dance. That dance is actually done at any celebration, not just weddings.

Classification of folk dances?

There are 5 types of folk dances.These are..1. National and Regional Dances2. Occupational Dances3. Religious and Ceremonial Dances4. Courtship Dances[and]5. Festival Dances